Elephant seen 'smoking' in southern India

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Footage of an elephant blowing ash has baffled wildlife experts, who say they've never seen behaviour like it before. The video released by the Wildlife Conservation Society may be an example of zoopharmacognosy, animal self-medication

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It's ash, I heat the house with a woodstove.

Author — Claudine Riley


Everyone's so desperate to become a meme these days

Author — then again


They used to make me smoke the whole packet when I got caught

Author — Keithio Lyoni


Someone's been into the local crematorium

Author — zbudda


Smoking kills
but these are
Smoking skills

Author — Kreznerich Frigyes


That is ash.

It is possibly getting minerals from the dirt and blowing out the excess.

Author — GlennMorganFan


It's probably not the ash that's interesting to the elephant, but the charcoal, which helps against indigestion and diarrhoea... So the wise elephant knows what's good for him/her...

Author — CineConCiencia - 7G Impact Cinema


Its not a smoke its the Ash on the ground

Author — Gaming Legend


Does the 'ash' have any medicinal properties?

Author — Julia Coombs


Smoke lingers or wisps away. Most likely ash.

Author — Zain Abe


If he wants to smoke cannabis, this cloud will cover the whole world, and this world at the same instant will become absolutely happy and wonderful. It turns out that elephants are our friends and they really understand human feelings.

Author — Simiral Entertainment


It probably swallowed sand and is trying to spit it out

Author — Felix Walton


That's not the smoke, I'm sure that is ash on the ground. Humans smokes animals don't 🙏

Author — Kundan Duraphe


Elephants are clever animals. Its probably imitating what it say - People that were smoking.

Author — Melodic Nostalgic


It's not smoking idiots it's just blowing out the ash from the ground after taking it to mouth

Author — Ananthu Vfc24