These Ancient Relics Are so Advanced They Really Shouldn't Exist

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Imagine how advanced humanity would be if that artifact would’ve reached its destination.

Author — DepressionPill


I feel bad for the person who made that thing he would have gone down in scientific history but now no one even know who built it or who he was.

Author — Tuftydwarf _


Hot Take: The Voynich Manuscript was written by a kid who made their own language and wanted to draw cool pictures and naked women

Author — Noskcaj27 Feggestad


Back in 100BC when someone created this: "Yo I'm bored what if we put random gears together and see what happens"

Author — deidara akatsuki


"Yo bruh where is my computer?"

"Sorry sire it has sunk."

Author — MethLab


Youtube: hey we should put this in everybody's recommendation 3 years later

Author — Neil Myron Quintos


Ancient "Historian" on History Channel: There is no way in hell that humans were able to build the pyramids back then with their technology

Humans back then: invents the computer

Author — Justin Norman


All the credits going to aliens 😞 I'm sure our ancestors have had unparalleled knowledge and wisdom they obtained by observing the world. Shout-out to our ancestors who gave it their life show we humans have what it takes to be the very best species in the universe.

Author — Whaby Samir


Ancient civilizations: *Makes advance thing*

Us today: *ALIENS!*

Ancient civilizations: sad noise

Author — Danilo Borja


"These Ancient Relics are so Advanced They Shouldn't Exist"

*Nokia Phone*

Author — Darkness Prevails


Trust me, if DOOM existed 2000 years ago, it would be ported to this thing.

Author — Hydra Spectre


"Ancient is not synonym for stupid" think about it modern human

Author — Can I get 1000 subs before pandemic end


"the worlds very first Computer" *until they find an older one*

Author — Ork Trukk Drivah


"This technology could not have existed at that time."

Rather than this approach, how about we now start saying, "This proves our ancestors were FAR more advanced than we ever thought possible." (Spoken in the man's British accent of course)

Author — Chick Bowdrie


Maybe we had more than one extinction event

Author — Andres Espinoza


*A human in 4000 years from now*

His book:
Title: These Ancient Relics are so DUMB that they weren't supposed to exist
The first page: * shows a picture of a fidget spinner *

Author — Milan Pupavac


My guess is it was a middle-aged or older sailor who got tired of having to keep track of certain things thinking there had to be a better way of doing it. Had he been able to mass-produce it, then we'd probably be sitting on the front lawn up on either the Moon or Mars by now. People like to think that people were somehow dumber back then, it's simply not true. While our scientific understanding as a species might be further, the operating system (our brain) isn't something of a new technology itself. If we can come up with it today, then someone back then could have as well if they had access to the right knowledge. That's why I'm guessing the inventor was a life-long sailor who knew how to read the stars and the skies at what would be a Ph.D. level today. From there it was all a matter of mechanics and figuring out how to dial in the gears.

Author — Justin Ebright


“The first two who click will get two mums for free”. That’s a generous offer indeed.

Author — Kjetil Korsveien


Really makes you wonder what we lost when the library of Alexandria burned

Author — spydaer s


It's insult to say it should't exist to our ancestors

Author — sol los