A Video of Teenagers and a Native American Man Went Viral. Here’s What Happened. | NYT News

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A close look at the videos that have emerged paints a more complete picture of what happened on Jan. 18 — and how an unlikely convergence of Americans became such a firestorm.

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Man i swear America is full of hate, thank god i dont live there

Author — Ozymandias


That body positive kid taking his clothes off tho..🤣🤣🤣

Author — Renata M


Native american discriminated in their homeland by these foreigners, what a joke

Author — Loli4lyf


*Conclusion: Dont waste your precious time for this video*

Author — nitin jadhav


This is a crazy encounter of 3 different special interest groups all shouting incomprehensible messages at each other. America really is the melting pot of cultures.

Author — Underhay Mediaworks


People in EU be like: Ok
People in NA be like: WTF!!!

Author — Chicken Watermelons


"go back to Europe" nice fight "racism" with racism

Author — Pellude


The Native American actually did diffuse the situation and everyone went home without a fight.

Author — Sami سامي


Oh my God, I can't 😂

Author — good o'l me plant


This is just ripe for South Park’s picking.

Author — BomChikyBowWow


Make america great again!
All anglos go back to europe!
That was coming from a native american.

Author — Jaime Alonzo


Trump Supporter: smirks
Mainstream Media:

Author — Malacki 655


I am a European.
My ancestors raided foreign lands.
Killed the native.
Now I work human rights department.

Author — Udhav Jindal


Why is the entire attention focused on the white teenager and the native American? The involvement of the Black Israelites have been completely downplayed. Why are they not getting more attention and condemnation from the media? They should be treated like any other hate group. It sucks that the person who did nothing got all of the condemnation and not those who actually deserve it.

Author — Peiping


in conclusion, everyone was at the wrong place at the wrong time creating the ultimate clusterfuck.

Author — crunchwrap supreme


I mean I see where the natives are coming from. The white man took these peoples land and it’s been shoved under the dirt throughout history.

Author — Devon Ashton


The native man was communicating with the teenage boy through the music of the drum. The Hebrew Israelite group where instigating hate, smh. Bunch of crazies

Author — BC VC


jews who shout racist slurs
>i sleep

child with a red hat smiling

Author — JasonJacksonJames


The natives americans owned it first,
The Americans took it

Author — Loo Ped


Why not just get along ? We are all humans at the end of the day. Think about the great things we can achieve together. You are someone else being someone who come from somewhere else just simply means there is new knowledge we can all share.

Author — Reefs Haisham