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Sports Story is a game about sports, but not always. Various non-sporting pursuits provide variety. Alternative activities like dungeon exploration, stealthy infiltrations, and fishing expeditions mean something unexpected waits around every corner. Sometimes, it is even sports.

Sports Story releases on Nintendo Switch in mid-2020.

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Fans of Golf Story: "Which sport should Sidebar Games tackle next?"

Sidebar Games: "Yes."

Author — Mumps


I really hope more people play Golf Story because of this, Golf Story was an incredible game tbh

Author — ArtemisCroc


I hope those disc golfer punks stay out of our way this time. How are we supposed to defeat a horde of zombies with golf balls when they keep making us throw discs around?

Author — Nico Robin


I hate sports so much. I can't wait for this game! Golf Story was amazing!

Author — Autumnal Blake


This is the most hype game from the direct

Change my mind

Author — DinoDD


I haven't pre ordered a video game in over a decade and a half, but I would pre order Sports Story if I could. That's how much I trust these developers.

Author — KMAC


As both a tennis fan and a Golf Story player, this game is gold!

Author — Caleb Peppiatt


Golf Story is an 11/10 must play game. 💗
This looks even better than Golf Story I'm 100% buying this! 😂

Author — Chaz Evansdale


A Golf Story sequel? Heck ya!

Disc golf better be one of the sports.

Author — Kris L


it will be nice to make double physical release with Golf story and Sports story on

Author — SuperPokeTuber


Golf Story was the Switch RPG I never knew I needed. That game was amazing. Really looking forward to this one as well.

Author — J. Kyle Stephens


It's like Wii Sports but with a story. Definitely shecking it out.

Author — Voan Siam


I have been BEGGING for a second Golf Story game and you guys come back with THIS?? I am SO HYPE!!!

Author — someactorkid


does he get back with is ex-wife? wheres the coach? Does Max Yards ever redeem himself?

Author — mikeib09


*I bet this game will make you lose calories while playing*

Author — OwO


0:38 Is that lady playing football whilst in a long red dress?! Dope

Author — Wild One


This game want me to play the escapist again!
The style is amazing!

Author — Junpei Animates


I lost my mind the day this was announced. Hearing that music to start the direct filled me with so much joy. I am working on a video which is a love letter to Golf Story and what I think of the looks of this game. Cannot wait.

Author — Chris Parlamas


So happy to see this announcement. However I hope they have physical release.

Author — Victor C


I really liked Golf Story. I am worried that this might be doing too much at once though. I look forward to see how the devs try to balance all these game play elements into one. I hope they pull it off!

Author — SugarSmear