DOJ announces indictments against China's Huawei

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DOJ announces indictments against China's Huawei4.5
Happening Now: Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker along with other law enforcement officials announce indictments against Chinese tech company Huawei.

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"The US will not tolerate criminal activity and espionage on our country", unless it is by our own Federal Government, News Media, Democratic Party, or social media corporations!

Author — The Watcher Chronicles


You need to be indicting the Clinton's, Obama's, and all the other rats, instead you indict a phone company? How stupid can you be and still breathe?

Author — Andrew Quintero


clinton foundations crimes of over 20 not even a serious investigation, indictment or arrest???

Author — liagog


DOJ. Hey you skipped Hillary, Bill, Comey, etc etc etc,
Perhaps the FBI swat team can fly to Bejing serve this worthless indictment,

Author — Paul Bouchard


How can any of them say with a straight face, that they stand for the rule of law?

Clinton, obama uranium 1 treasonous deal and the witch hunt Mueller probe, looking to circumvent the people's will, with our duly elected President. Trying to frame him for the very crimes done by the DNC, Clinton and DOJ during the 2016 campaign!

Author — Rocky Hooah!


what joke....what about our FBI (Comey and others ) Which lied to congress ...nothing happens

Author — The Rock


Then show us some indictments for the Clinton's and EVERYONE surrounding all that mess

Author — Chad Gordy


All those Hilary E-MAILS erased!!!! Not a slap on the hand? FBI LIBERALISM!!!! SO SAD🤑😭💩

Author — Mark Armstrong


So we can go after this CFO but wasserman schultz, clinton, obama, holder, comey, google CEO who lied to congress all walk free? Certainly a corrupt judicial system.

Author — Captain Creation


*Pay to Play...Smash those devices, Hillary!*

Author — Iam N.


Wasn't that the company that made all those Obama phones they gave away

Author — mr to you


Where is Hillary’s indictment. Did somebody lose it.

Author — David Christensen


What a load of B.S while our own jackals keep lining their pockets

Author — Pathfinder red the Good Neocon


The American said to the German: we heard that you want to buy huawei's 5G equipment, don't buy it, they will monitor you.

German: how do you know we are going to buy it?

Americans: we heard it on merkel's phone.

Media reports in 2013 revealed that merkel's phone had been hacked by the United States since 2010. The US President has been aware of this. A wave of protests against the surveillance broke out in the United States and, after private mediation, the matter was dropped in 2015.

Author — jason bonne


i would say, Nancy should be first to go.

Author — raym909


Go Trump go. From Italy with Salvini against criminals.

Author — Karl Franz


Considering what happened to Roger Stone I think the DOJ is full of crap.

Author — worddunlap


Hmmmm that statement about the FBI, will not tolerate our Laws not being followed! We like to think that, but what about those that have yet to be prosecuted! Clinton Obama, just to name a few! URANIUM DEAL comes to mind! The magic word, SECURITY!

Author — Brenda Orvis Shay


Funny feeling with a dominoe effect... this maybe the first of many more indictments...🤔🤔🤔

Author — ForThis Time


Where are Silent while the deep state distroys this country...

Author — Nurse Talking Truth