Why I'm a Financial Minimalist

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Here’s why I’m a financial minimalist, why I chose to save almost all of my money, and why I always invest and live below my means - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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This video is being made because several of you have sent me a facebook post mentioning me, by Alex Becker. The overall message of the post was just this: buying “things,” getting caught in a consumerist lifestyle, and living to impress others is always going to be a losing battle…so instead, we should strive to REDUCE our overhead, REDUCE our extravagances, and get back to the basics of what we all really value the most: FREEDOM. NOT THINGS.

First of all, having any type of financial “overhead” just stresses me out. Having a big mortgage payment, or having a big car payment, or having ANYTHING that l need to be financially obligated to makes me feel trapped, and makes me feel as though I’m on a hamster wheel just running to keep it going.

Having that “Type” of stress causes me to resent the work I do, and stifles my own creativity when it comes to pursuing my own passions - it just drains the fun out of it. This is why I’ve always preferred a financially minimalist lifestyle - the less financial responsibility I have, the more freedom I have…then, the more freedom I have, the less stress I have - and the less stress I have, the happier I am to pursue more creative and fulfilling work.

I’ll tell you what all that saved money really brings you: OPTIONS. That’s it.

Money is NOT for the purpose of flaunting…it’s NOT for the purpose of trying to IMPRESS random strangers. It is NOT for the purpose of measuring your own self worth, or feeling a sense of superiority over someone else…but, it does give you OPTIONS. That is worth more than ANYTHING I could’ve ever imagined.

For me, that option was not ever needing to work a job I absolutely loathed…I had the option to pursue the work that meant something, to me…it meant I had the option to spend every day doing something that gives me purpose and meaning to my life…and that NEVER would’ve been the case if I had to sacrifice those values in order to work a job I disliked, just to support the cars, and the houses, and the luxuries I never needed in the first place.

This is really, at its core, the entire culture of the FIRE movement - Financial Independence, Retire Early. It’s a community and mindset that you don’t need to be 65 to retire, if you keep track of your expenses, save your income, and grow your wealth to the point where you can live off your investments indefinitely.

And THAT is really the entire point of the financial independence movement - it’s spending money on things that really add value to your life, and SAVING with the intention of building a lifestyle that supports that. And while financial independence certainly doesn’t happen overnight, it can absolutely be a goal to work towards and one day achieve - because the less money you spend, the faster you can get there. And the more you can smash the like button.

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“If you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it.”

-Jay Z

Author — Dax


“If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need.” - Warren Buffet

Author — Gino Guerrero


Grant on his deathbed: I never spent $4 on an iced coffee from Starbucks in my entire life

Author — Zio Oren


*gets a girlfriend*

Why I'm no longer a financial minimalist

Author — Biggles


Don’t buy things you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like.

Great message, Graham.

Author — Investing Engineered


To the smokers out there: you'll save about 200 Dollars per month, quiting.

Author — TheVaultdweller


"Don't spend unnecessary money." Sitting next to a Deinonychus skull.

Author — Jordan


Im a Financial Minimalist *HAS A DINOSAUR SKULL ON HIS DESK*

Author — Juan Pablo Ortega


Poor people stay poor because they spend like they’re rich; rich people stay rich because they spend like they’re poor

Author — LaliGirl


So, “financial minimalist” is the millenial term for “frugal” 🤣😂😅

Author — Mika Anderson


Money equals freedom. I couldn't agree more.

Author — Michael Saves


I been living like this since the age of 21. Yes, I was 21 before moving away from my parents. I been financial smart since I was 13 of age. I'm 56 and I properly won't hit that million dollar mark. I don't want to be rich anyway, I just want to be financial stable and happy. When I turn 18, I start paying rent to my parents. I got a real good paying job at 21 and my dad help me buy my first mobile home and start living on my own in a trailer park. I pay my dad back in 3 years for the mobile home. I did manage to use credit cards and ran it up to $27, 000 in debt. I got smart and pay that debt off to $0 and rip that credit card up. I been debt free for the past 20 years. Now I'm going to buy my first home at age 56 in cash, yes I said cash. I'm also quitting my job in February of 2020. Going to be self employed and might have a part time job as well. I'm very comfortable where I am now. Still not rich, but very financial stable and happy. I been stress free all my life, even with that credit card hiccup. I been pinching pennies since I was 13 and been hustle ever since as well. I had manage to have 5 skill trades up to now. Life been good to me.

Author — Linux Overdose


People going flat broke just to look like they doing better than another.

Author — Poet Victoria Hunter


Step 1 to being a financial minimalist : Have enough money to buy property to rent.

Author — Kimberly Hamers


First step towards getting a minimalist, got rid of my gf, havent even started and im already saving money, thank you Graham

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When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.

Oscar Wilde

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Why shop at H&M? Recycled quality clothes are so much better - including for the environment.

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I told my gf im becoming a financial minimalist.

Im single now

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Want to know something you’re talking about your idol and you’ve slowly over this past week became one of mine and have inspired/motivated me more in this past week with your vids more than anyone ever has

Author — MutantCakeTv