Will the U.S. and China have a trade deal by the end of April?

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Fox News contributor Morgan Ortagus, Benchmark Investments managing partner Kevin Kelly, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf and Layfield Report CEO John Layfield on the U.S.-China trade negotiations.

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You never gonna have a better trade with China than we had before the "trade war " has been very aggressive opening new trade with: Europe, South America, Africa, Asia., etc....If you think China is desperate on this "trade war " you're living under a rock!!!

Author — M H


Nope because Trump cannot negotiate his way to the toilet. But he'll drive the country into the toilet

Author — Warren Pacholzuk


Who cares about a trade deal with China? Ludlow and Trump crowed about what a great deal the U.S. got from the new NAFTA deal with Canada and Mexico but it's not in effect, nor has either country ratified it. And Canada and Mexico will NOT ratify it until Trump removes the steel and aluminum tariffs on Canadian and mexican imports. Trump and kudlow's trade announcements are meaningless. Just like North Korea is resuming missile testing, TRUMP hasn't accomplished anything. Mexico DIDN'T pay for the border wall like Trump promised. It's nothing but one failure after another for loser boy Trump. The failure to make a trade deal with China, is another of Trump's many failures as president. This latest failure is just another of Trump's many public humiliations!!!

Author — Stuart Wayne


Lol this is the new comedy central lol

Author — Leroy Hill


The collapse of the communist China is a great thing for the world

Author — Kevin Mas


Trump is in hurry
so the answer is NO

Author — Bitch where's my gun


China are not going to make any deals with the US that don't benefit them, Trump is going to add the China/US trade talks to the rest of his failures.

Author — Thyalwaysseek


NO DEAL, , , Xi needs this red herring to distract the populace away from the inevitable civil war.

Author — Korn Pop


Not until after the 2020 election. There going to wait and see iif there a change in there favor.

Author — crashweaverda


i dont think china and us reach on any deal china make fool us as much as us wish

Author — Jagdish Chand Ramola


when you cut out your right hand so will have to work by only one hand.

Author — Shery Lu


What makes JBL a expert in international macroeconomics???

Author — vishal vivek


The Economy will drop soon, Then Trump will come out and say he made a deal, to keep cooperate interest.

Author — Dmatter


Espionage is the second oldest profession in the world, young country.

Author — 漢仔


US hawks don't want to end the deal ever. They want a WAR, a real WAR.

Author — AKDGsonic


It's good for America to continue these trade war with the whole world for another decade; America can have all for American only

Author — sauhaun


Thought March 1st was deadline but extended. End of April proves CCP taking the US for a lengthy ride.

Author — Terrence P. Urbanis


XI has time on his side....Trump has election.
XI is in charge...Trump will bend the knee...otherwise he will lose election.
Also Trump showed on more than 1 occasion international agreements mean nothing.
His signature isn't worth the paper its written on.

Author — Elcrypto


How joining tpp will have a better effect than tarrifs? Any one can explain?

Author — news man


China as a whole doesn't care about money as much as US does. Country relationship is not all about money.

Author — Erwin GoBig