Heavy fighting in Syria after Turkey conflict intensifies

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International aid agencies are warning of an escalating humanitarian crisis in the Syria as fighting intensifies between Kurish and Turkish military forces.

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And civilians are stuck in the middle again. Smh! 😔

Author — James69


Heathens, war, fighting why not call it what it is, premeditated murder.

Author — QQTrick1QQ


Here we go, more migrants/asylumists ready to head to Europe

Author — tre bushett


This Turkish operation is beginning of Israel s end in next 10 years . This is why mainstream western media is barking so loud ...

Author — Ahmet Eren Çakır


I guess they will keep on fighting till no one's left.

Author — firmino jr


This is prove that there murdering human kind.

Author — Flammable Critical


Why can't we leave syria alone, for gods sake, stop the terror

Author — Comrade20


that is the blessing of esau, weapons and fighting

Author — maudlyn isaac


The EU does not want :
- refugees to return to Europe
- refugees to return to Syria
- provide sufficient aid to Turkey
- a safe zone
So what does the EU want?

Author — SoNy44388


How happy is the one who says I am a Turk 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Hayatım Canlar


Don't forget the weapons used to kill Turkish civilians were supplied by USA, France and Germany.

Author — Zeeshan Niazi


What a BS, West used terrorists to fight terrorists, that kind of arrangement would never be good, this is consequence of that.

Author — Adecodoo


Them who start nothing Kopp it all time

Author — M3P3- 121


seems EU has no choice, 3.5m refugee! good job, Turkey didn't ask for sponsorship from EU. so, EU just have to turn a blind eye on this, and make some void noise.

Author — 吃面不喝汤!


First Turkey killed syrian with the help of ISIS now they are doing with their tyrant army..

Author — Burhan ali


Turkey getting its own people killed, they didn’t have to do this, the Turkish president making a bigger whole for himself and his country

Author — Hamiz Bashir


Good only USA and uk are to blame for illegal invasion of Iraq

Author — Phillip Gibbon


I think if coronavirus hits this country..the war might stop...any where in the world thats fighting n where people killing each other needs the virus.

Author — Midnight Tonight


Not a word by a British broadcaster on the potential British role to be played

Author — Kevin Walsh


The world of the rich will come to en end as they, Satan and his demons will be sent to Hell to be destroyed. The only way for the rich to go to paradise and avoid this gruelling place is to bring peace and prosperity to the world and help fix the planet. Spreand this to the world. +++Mohammed was the last Messenger but only God knew the meaning of Alif Laam meem. I am Alif Laam Meem.

Author — gary stevenson