Fantasy Football Stereotypes

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Fantasy Football Stereotypes5
Fantasy Football Stereotypes: It's not FANTASY. It's REAL LIFE.

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Who else is going back and watching the old vids

Author — Ss Bb


I'm the ridiculous trader

Like if you are too

Author — cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!


3:46 Cody You crossed the line there buddy, dont mess with the, all mighty toast,

Anyone 2019 👍

Author — KirbySmash101


Do sleepover stereotypes like if you agree

Author — Jorge Gonzalez


2:41 my man asking for Orange Juice after brushing his teeth.... what a savage

Author — TeamAWF


you should do a hockey Stereotypes video next

Author — Chantel miller


I wanna know how much expenses dude perfect has😂

Author — Agent Kingpin


Did Cody just ask for orange juice while brushing his teeth😢🤢

Author — FireFlame5165


My cousin is exactly the Traitor
He used to be a Colts/Saints fan and now he’s a Patriots fan only because they’ve won 6 Super Bowls

Author — Bossk 619


Anybody love how Cody was the lazy coach but also the full timer?

Author — macmoomini 69


Dear “Old Guy”

You always made these videos better and funnier. We will never forget you, and you will be missed

With love and sadness,
The entire Dude Perfect fanbase.

If Ty gets selected for Wheel Unfortunate in the year 2019, I will say something about Joe Montana not being in the fantasy draft

Author — Evan Newlander


Airport Stereotypes XD

The Security Overload
The Scared Kid
Mr. Excuses
The Gift Shop Guy
The Bathroom Champion
The Guy Who Just Goes For The Food
The Race (running to the terminal to make it in on time cuz their late)
The Rage Monster (missed a flight)
The Escalator Kid
The Old Guy
The Accessories Guy
That Girl
The Snacker
The Bragger (Paid To Sit In First Class)
The Awkward Reunion
The Broken Vending Machine
The Unwanted Suitcase
The Kid Who Thinks The Baggage Claim Is A Ride
Mr. Critic
The Unopenable Bag Of Peanuts
The Screaming Baby
The person who left something home
Any Other Ideas? :D Reply!

This idea was so good, I had to edit it to the comment: The guy who flies to Wisconsin for no reason!

Author — KillerSnowGoon


The dislikes are from the people who drafted the worst people in the NFL😂

Author — Jones Hamann


Who thinks this is beyond nerdy and watching in 2019

Author — louis baker


How is Cody the full-timer AND the lazy coach

Author — MattHunter MTV47


Why did Tyler shave his beard it doesn't look right without it.

Author — charlotte Philp


Cooking stereotypes plz
Like if you agree

Author — The doge king


1:41 my new fantasy player TD celebration

Author — Batman 4life


Hockey Stereotypes

The stick buyer
That girl
Never watches
Scared guy
Rage monster [body slammed]
The bragger
Ronny the reader
The goal scorer
Sideline steve

Author — Catherine Bowery


Fantasy 2019 what y'all team looking like

Author — Julian Shipp J.R.