Fantasy Football Stereotypes

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Fantasy Football Stereotypes5
Fantasy Football Stereotypes: It's not FANTASY. It's REAL LIFE.

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Do sleepover stereotypes like if you agree

Author — Jorge Gonzalez


Who else is going back and watching the old vids

Author — Ss Bb


2:41 my man asking for Orange Juice after brushing his teeth.... what a savage

Author — TeamAWF


Anybody love how Cody was the lazy coach but also the full timer?

Author — macmoomini 69


3:46 Cody You crossed the line there buddy, dont mess with the, all mighty toast,

Anyone 2019 👍

Author — KirbySmash101


Did Cody just ask for orange juice while brushing his teeth😢🤢

Author — FireFlame5165


Car wash stereotype
Office Stereotype
Mall Stereotype
Science fair stereotype
Picnic stereotype
Yard sale stereotype
Dating stereotype
Hospital stereotype
Doctor appointment stereotype
Farming stereotype
Camping stereotype

Author — The Dragon Trainer 101


Who is here from when Tyler has a beard?😂

Author — bri the kiwi


1:24 rip plant. One like = one prayer for plant 🙏

Author — Ryantk343Gaming


On my team I would pick Michael Jordan

(That was a joke he is clearly a hockey player)

That was also a joke he plays basketball

Author — Carrus Brick Productions


im the homer because i am a new england guy

Author — marksepticedge


Rest In Peace Old Guy
You are always in our heart

Author — AA Gaming


Why did Tyler shave his beard it doesn't look right without it.

Author — charlotte Philp


I like how in all the stereotypes cody always sets the rage monster off lol

Author — Tori T


college student stereotypes. pls like.

Author — David Akaka


Who else is watching this in August 2019

Author — Sara Colvin


4:36 Ty asks about next one
Me: i want fishing stereotypes.
Edit: Here u go episode 4=fishing
Btw who is watching this in ;)

Author — Natsu Dragneel


Did he just ask for orange juice...

*while brushing his teeth?*

These guys are tough.

Author — Retro Ryan 2726


The ending...

My head that makes no sense whatsoever: appe'dy appe'dy apple

Like I said... No sense

Author — bandana animations


The old man is the ( RIP ) dp version of Stan Lee

Author — Radioactive Spike