Rep. Jordan: It’s unbelievable that Pelosi uninvited Trump from the State of the Union

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Rep. Jordan: It’s unbelievable that Pelosi uninvited Trump from the State of the Union5
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) discusses how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uninvited President Trump from delivering the State of the Union address and how Democrats are continuing to push back against the president’s border wall amid the partial government shutdown.

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Pelosi needs to be 'disinvited' from OUR government.

Author — Del Price


Piglosi is a goner. Common sense tell you. You can't go against the President. President Trump has demonstrated his aim and objective is meant good for the people. He is the people president. Going against him is like going against the people. No way the demoncrats can beat the President. 💪💪💪😁😁😁

Author — Des Nai


The House belongs to "We The People". Nancy Pelosi your no longer welcome in the people's house.

Author — southern girl


MY ONLY THOUGHT ON THIS SUBJECT. Where the H*LL does a Representative get the GALL to dis-invite the President of the US, from making the American aware of WHAT'S GOING ON.

Author — Joseph Traina


Draining the swamp, one puddle at a time. Heading towards large deep swamp, draining that big one next.

Author — Canadian Man


People's House. People want to hear The SOU....Address
Lots of Successes ...Terrified for him to List

Author — Clint Whatley


Joe McCarthy claimed Hollywood was full of communists working to destroy America and democracy. Children are taught he was crazy. Turns out he was right, and now we have Nancy.

Author — System Servers


Mr.jordan is top shelf ...for sure..😉😊

Author — Billy Edwards


2020 will be a landslide for republicans

Author — Edad Martin


Fine...Pelosi wants a careful what you pray for as they say.

Author — American Patriot


It's an excuse. Trump is more charismatic and would show her up.

Author — B uppy


Pedophiles being exposed for what they are and what they're doing

Author — Traci PCpwer


socialist/leftists like pelosi are sold out to globalism....make no mistake about it. Globalism is at the root of it all.... MAGA! is not their motto... rather it is MAG....make america gone,

Author — Chava K


Move on Pelosi the House belongs to We The People The money is ours not yours, belongs To We The People We need a special VOTE to remove you.

Author — Gary Sorenson


Nutty Nancy is suffering from dementia.  When a reporter asked her about 'Benghazi' she replied "Ben Ghazi?  He was my gardener".

Author — C. Buck Hyres


The democrats lost sight of the Americans. They've gotten rich off the American people and turned into SNOBS. I'm thinking the Democrats are trying to get the Americans to except the New World Order. Or there made because our President wasn't a Politician elected. Well neither was Regan.

Author — PK Shumway


The dems keep saying American polls reflect that the majority of people do not want to build a wall. I believe vehemently this is NOT an accurate statement. I am referring to several polls I myself have voted in and not one has reflected Americans are not concerned about the border; and that Americans are not interested or feeling a necessity to build a wall. This simply is not true. Dems are going on camera claiming this because (1) this is purely a matter of not giving our pres a win; and (2) they know if they give our pres this win it won't matter if they dig up John F. Kennedy from the grave to run as Dem pres candidate; Trump will win. They know this very well. This they will fight for as dishonestly and fiercely as they did Kavanaugh nomination, because they have nothing else but Bozo O'Rourke and other nimrods who do not amount to a bag of beans.

Author — j b


The Left has sold out to Obama! He still runs the show but no one ever talks about it. Do you think he sits at home and watches TV all day? And what of all the money he was collecting to continue fighting for his agendas? He is the one who needs to be investigated!

Author — Herb Myers


Trump is so tough to take stand for 🇺🇸. Pelosi wants elitist drama for herself only & Dems not to ' We The People ' or simply The American People.

Wake up America!🇺🇸

Author — Marlon Jade Banzuelo


Why is pelosi using this distraction to turn attention away from the RBG corpse?

When will the public be told that this person is DEAD and its time for the president to appoint another SJC?
How long can this dem charade continue?