Kashmir's True Representatives Speak, Reject 'Khandani Raj' | The Debate Wtih Arnab Goswami

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Hindu's were living in Kashmir for thousands of years before Islam came to kashmir.

Author — Sanjay Shetty


Now new faces of Kashmir and they develop their State. We all Indians support you all.

Author — Ashok Kumar


Great great great initiative by Arnab & Republic Media, waiting for this thing from long years.. Excellent to bring positive Kashmiris in debate, , we were seek of those fake Kashmiris who never talk about development. Being fake representatives of Kashmir people.. Waiting for Sunday special episode.. This youths should be in debate everyday against those fakes one.. Nation is changing its mood and getting to right approach.. Enough is enough. 👍

Author — devraj vansadia


Majid Hydri should not have been there at all

Author — USR


Please stop calling Irfa, Majid and that other moron, they do not allow anyone else to speak

Author — mini0777


Waqar or Bekar pagalaa gayaa hai. He needs to be sent to the mental hospital.

Author — R Singh


Baby leadership have time and energy to grow, throwaway oldies

Author — HUM TUM


When one speaks please mute the others.

Author — kasiviswanathan v


Eagerly waiting for upcoming Sunday Debate .I think one of these people in this group could become Chief Minister in future

Author — R Raghav


"Boring Broadcasting Corporation", that is hilarious! Punjab also has a major problem with dynastic politics. The Badal family and Captain's family have destroyed Punjab.

Author — H Singh


We support new faces of Kashmir.
They are awesome.
Please sir in Sunday debate call Yana Mirchandani also in your debate she will tackle ifra.

Author — Neha Shukla


बार-बार "ईर्फ्रा जहां" पेन ऊठा ऊठा के लिखे जा रही है
तू पढीलिखी आतंकवादी है हमे पता है

Author — Donald Trump


Well said, Junaid !!! You gave a real class to Majid Haidri. Arnob, these our Kashmiri kids speaks from their heart. Give them platform and replace the garbage of Majid Haidri from Kashmir.

Author — Surfing Paradise


We can see how frustrating these young men are, and how much pain they have been in

The issue is we have for years only given power to the dynasty and they have actually snuffed our presence

Be it India or a state of India J and K

Author — Reema Shah


I like new very good faces of new Kashmir. My brothers keep on....you guys shall be power holder in coming days.

Author — creationashish


In lodkon mein kuch to hai bhai. lets support them whole heartedly



We have around 900 foreign tourists in Kashmir who are happy that finally Kashmir is peaceful .
Please let tourism flourish in the valley .

Author — kriti kaur


Waqar Bhatti sooo cheap itna ghatiya insaan hai tu

Author — Imhotep


Even Mehbooba Mufti is no more an MP. So she is also not the representative of Kashmiris.

Author — Nitiksha Sharma


Bring arnab goswami these good kashmiri people on show.eveytime

Author — Abhineet Thakur