Alpe du Zwift VS Alpe d'Huez: Preparing For Reality?

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The famous Alpe d'Huez, a climb steeped in Tour de France history. But just how does it compare to the Alpe du Zwift? Chris rode both to find out....

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💬 Comments on the video

Should've tried the 'Wahoo Suckr Air''... It artificially sucks oxygen out of your room to replicate altitude climbs! Or try the 'Wahoo Blastr Bastrd' which generates random wind conditions in your garage!

However both can be adequately replaced by eating a curry the night before then riding your bike.

Author — drillpenguin


I strive for the day I can average 300W+ for that amount of time. So insane!

Author — Chris Anderson


lol HR 191 and still having a conversation.

Author — John Doe


Thought when watching this video when it came out "wish I could do 300 watts up there" when I could only manage just over 200w. Now as of today averaged 309w and climbed just over 48 minutes. Also my segment in ask GCN Training helped me a achieve this. Thank You GCN

Author — Nico de Graaf


I trained for Mt. Ventoux climbing Alpe de Zwift. I felt perfectly fit when the real life Mt. Ventoux effort came.

Author — sylmarie arizmendi


Curious about how Kinomap’s version would compare. Good job!

Author — Stan Roberts


Doubt I reach level 12 on zwift but did climb the real deal when I was 58 in 1hr 7mins, that was 5 yrs ago.

Author — eduardo rider


Great video Chris - really enjoyed this and gave a good perspective on virtual riding on Zwift vs riding in the real world. I guess the next step would be to setup an oxygen tent over your Zwift bike and as you gain virtual altitude the oxygen is reduced in the tent!

Author — Zedatomic


Really enjoyed this video, thanks Chris. Using Alpe d' Zwift to help me prepare for a Bavaria trip later this year.

Author — Matthew Dickinson


Great effort! I want to go to France now and ride the real one too.

Author — Aaron


rode alp d'huez in january 2019 with me on a hire bike from the shop in the valley and my dad 60 years old on his brompton I will never forget that day

Author — Stephen Macdonald


I really surprised that the hypoxia due to altitude didn't have a more detrimental effect on the outside performance

Author — rliao


Would have been great if you did an overall graph overlay (outside over inside) for HR, Distance, Time and Watts. Would be interesting to see...

Author — Stephan Esterhuyse


New Wahoo product idea after you get the Climb? Wahoo altitude simulator mask with Bluetooth controlled variable suffocation levels based on actual Zwift altitude.

Author — Scott Wilson


Excellent video. Looks like I need a few more hours on Zwift so I can level up enough.

Author — Andrew Kirk


Ohh yea and managed to hold steady conversation throughout!! - first thing to go is my lungs that's why I love the coffee stops with my mates - my only chance to actually chat when we're out!

Author — Jonathan Spring


This is really good. One of the best GCN productions.

Author — Joe Schmoe


"when I get to the top... IN A MINUTE" #confidence

Author — Bruno Vasco


Best thing I have seen on GCN for a while, thanks Mr Opie.

Author — guyd4067


I love videos like this because it's great to see all the physical effort the presenters put in to bringing us weekly content.

It's genuinely inspiring.

Author — Jason McGrody