Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.

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“a gender reveal party that started a wildfire” AGAIN??? THIS WASNT THE FIRST TIME????

Author — basil


"Think of the dumbest thing you did when you were young"

Tucker Carlson: *nervously looks at his Roomba*

Author — tekbarrier


“Every twenty two year old is some form of an idiot”
Me, a 22 year old: I accept this, and even find comfort in it

Author — Ana Maria


Imagine putting all the blame on a 22-yr old and ignoring the 49-yr old married man and President of the United States.

Author — Senna Taylor


As a 22 year old, I'd like to say that I'm not 'some version' of an idiot, I'm like six different versions of idiot cobbled together into a roughly bipedal approximation of a functioning adult.

Author — Katie M.


The scarlet A in the title was a nice touch.

Author — Miriam Sanzone


Jay Leno's jokes about Monica Lewinsky make me cringe ...

Author — Gee Kay


The “worst aunt” thing reminds me a lot of the “hot McDonald’s coffee” lawsuit. It’s an interesting story that people should look into but basically. The woman almost died from 3rd degree burns from her coffee (which turned out to be just under boiling). She didn’t want to sue but they only gave her $800 for the $20000 out of pocket expenses (or something like that). And it happened to about 700 other people. In the lawsuit, (if I remember correctly) the main reason the jury sided with the woman was because McDonalds basically treated the 700 affected people as a number instead of people. The woman actually settled for less than what was settled in court. Then McDonalds and other companies dragged her name through the mud basically to discourage people from sueing them.

Author — Seatacos is dead


I don't understand why she got more heat than Bill, who to remind the public, was married and the president of the United States.

Author — BolasDaGrk


When the news about Mr Clinton was broken out in my country, the only thing my dad said about it was “Clinton might be a somewhat good president but he is a shitty man, to his wife and to the lady. She is young and stupid but he is not, either of those 2. If he didn’t have the mind to do that, the lady would not become “the mistress”. He throws her out and not be hold accountable. Mrs Clinton has to help him clean up his ass, too. The one got hurt are his wife and the lady. What a shitty man!”. I didn’t understand everything my dad said at the time, but the more I grow the more I feel greatful to have he as my dad.

Author — Yukita Elrikk


John: Every 22-year-old is some version of an idiot. Not you though, whichever 22-year-old is listening now, not you.

Me, a 22-year-old: No, no, you got a point there.

Author — Mane Sax


Mildly irrelevant but I feel the need to mention how on point Lewinsky's hair was in that interview.

Author — Minnie Ambrose


I never knew Monica Lewinsky grew to be such a strong, smart and funny lady. Right on!

Author — nadia machina


I admired Dave Chapelle for defending her back in the day.

Author — Eni Tesoro


Gender reveal party that started a wild fire “hey I’ve seen this before”

Author — Cool Headed


I don't care if nobody sees this, Monica Lewinsky seems like a fun person

Author — Striker Rey


Ms. Lewinsky, you kick so much ass. I was 16 when all that shit hit the fan and I never understood why Clinton got treated so much better than you. HE was the one in control, the mentor that took advantage of a 22 y/o girl. He should've been shamed because of the situation, and if he had been a REAL man, he would've said as much, it told peeps to lay off of you, ya know? Great interview! Fantastic segment!

Author — Sara Helton


I'm 22, I'm an idiot, and if someone made my worst decisions public, I would definitely not find a job for a while. The woman is strong af. But the good thing is that until I saw this show I had no idea who she is, so it "only" took about three decades for people to forget she once had a relationship with a married man.

Also... WTF how did that happen?! Her life was ruined while he didn't loose his job, his marriage, his pride...

Author — Lucie Pospichal


Oh that segment with Monica. We should all be so ashamed.

Author — Srihari Yamanoor


All I could think of while watching this interview is how completely ridiculous the "scandal" was compared to what's going in the White House now. I was a grown adult when this happened, and at the time, I thought "Really Bill? In the White House? Geez at least get a hotel room if you're going to cheat on your wife". Definitely not a cool move, but on the spectrum of bad choices, really pretty minor. And I have never blamed her; she was a young woman drawn to a handsome, powerful and extremely charismatic man. I'd be willing to bet that some of the people who shamed her over that event are the same ones who support Orange Hair so strongly now.

Author — Scott Kempton