How I manage my personal finances as a minimalist.

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I'm also a minimalist with my finaces; I have a minimal amount.

Author — Sam Witcombe


"Don't let the fear of doing the WRONG thing, prevent you from doing ANYTHING"
if that doesn't sum up perfectionist procrastination mindset idk what does

Edit: Didn't realize how many people relate with this. Something that helps is knowing nothing is perfect, perfect is subjective to the individual, you're competing with your own standards. So just start, fail, learn, that's what perfection really is. Not nailing it in one shot.

Author — Luckykuku


I can already see Graham Stephan licking his chops after seeing the video title

Author — Elijah Orr


Take it from Jay-Z, “if you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it”

Author — Gregório Kotzias


I don't even have finances to organize

Author — Dina H.


I'm trying to get this man on my podcast like he's trying "to get the Rock on my podcast" 😂

Author — Demetri Panici


"Here is a quick recap"
Oh he is going to talk about the leather jacket again isn''t he?
Oh yeah there it is.

Author — Kristoffer Lislegaard


At first I read “how I manage my personal fiancees”

Author — Francesco Schiavone


I don't know why I keep watching these USA based finance videos when I live in a European country where we don't have things like college debt, 401k and credit scores.

Author — Álvaro N


Basic personal finance:
✅ Don't spend money you don't have i.e. if you can't pay in cash you can't buy it
✅ Save a % of your income i.e. don't spend all you have
✅ Focus on making more money instead of living frugally
✅ Aim to have multiple sources of cash flow (at least 3)

Author — Sebastian Lopez


There are only three things in life that are certain - taxes, death and Matt D'Avella posting high quality videos.

Author — Mariana Kaiser


Takeaway: *The leather jacket was worth it.*

Author — Sean Lei - Money & Minimalism


Matt, it is good to see you talk about personal finance again. I feel that it is one of the most important subjects for a successful adult life and there's little to no formal education out there. It is also something I am very passionate about. Really happy to see how you are handling things and learn your perspective. Loved the video, as usual! Thanks for sharing.

Author — Justin V. Conroy - Financial Dad


*The beauty about going to Uni is graduating with like 50k debt and not using your degree at all when starting your own online business* 😂

Author — Eren forced me to write this


I wish more youtubers would share their personal finances like Matt does. I’m also opening a vanguard Roth IRA

Author — Alejandro Aguilar


While I am adding water to my shampoo...

Author — videodude


How I organize my personal finances
My salary is 350$ a month
The bills cost me
I don't have a bank account
Greetings from Belgrade

Author — beast98 demon


Matt D’Avella is more educational in life than high school.

Author — Rossy is a qt


Is anyone else freaked out that Matt isn’t wearing a grey t-shirt?? 😱😱

Author — Jonathon Carpenter


THAT PART. “Most people take out a credit card to buy things they can’t afford.”

Author — MR. ASMR BOY