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They cannot tolerate sunlight; some of them are even blind. However they are one of the world’s most ingenious builders: Termites. They build high-risers without any technical devices that are, compared to the Empire State Building in New York, 25 times higher. They are the only animals that have managed to build an air-conditioning system without electricity. Their nests are architectural masterpieces that rise up to eight meters from the ground and dispose brood chambers for larvae, corridors for transportation, fungal gardens for nutrition and even emergency exits for hostile attacks.

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i want more documentaries like this 😭😭

Author — aldrin john wee


"Perfect orgainization without organizer" Love that line.

Author — Manilyn Labador


"They are the only animals that have managed to build an air-conditioning system without electricity." I'm pretty sure leafcutter ants have air-conditioning as well, using the heat from their food productions to circulate air.

Author — buttercrap


I've been looking for a full-length documentary on termites for years, and i finally find one today. Good day, indeed. :D

Author — Amuscaria Mushrooms


Absolutely fascinating little creatures I love the education these nature docs give me, I've binged on ant docs, giant asian hornet docs, now termites. Got to say I found the lichen to be quite amazing as well. The way those lichen have evolved such an ingenious but simple trap just fascinates the hell out of me.

Author — Paul T


Narrator: This is a young adult, almost ready to leave the colony

Bird: I’m about to end this termite’s whole career


Author — Matthew Hamilton


Ants and termites are so fascinating, they should make more documentaries about them.

Author — UlvYngling


Termites are one of the world's most ingenious builders...

Author — The Secrets of Nature


Quarantining has me watching documentaries of insects for hours.

Also because I'm a chronic procrastinator don't feel like doing my online assignments at the moment

Author — Sam Coll


50:52 that's the reason Texas started building the frames of houses exclusively out of aluminum or steel.

Author — Anarchy And Empires


close-up view to the termite queen laying eggs is indescribable!

Author — Kuya Gaming


I learnt more from these documentaries than i learnt in my whole undergraduation.Really these termites are very interesting insects.i want more and more documentaries like this.thanku for the video.

Author — mikkili kranthi sagar


Great documentary but I would have liked it to contain more information, not just looking at them. Sure they are amazing and all but I would have liked to get insight on their defence capabilities, how their acid works, more about their feromone usage, social behaevior, forming of ventilation, predators and all kinds of stuff but this documentary touched the deep information very vaguely. When they gave insight how their internals process plant materia kept me going trough the whole document hoping for more deep information but it never came.

Author — 0lemus 0lent0


That queen reminds me of Starship Trooper's brain bug

Author — rene kenshin


4:06 Its amazing how much this queen looks like the head "smart bug" that is captured at the end of Starship Troopers. The rippling body movements add to the similarities. Or rather how much Starship Troopers smart bug looks like this one.

Author — Kevin C


42:30 is where it really gets interesting, everything else is hype

Author — TearringNable


I wish we could achieve such a high level of tallent, collaboration and simbiosis with our environment !

Author — Mike Me


"Lets study this inhabited termite mound by totally dismantling it!" -some termite genius

Author — Sam Riggle


36:49 "A few ants manage to retreat with pieces of termite booty in their jaws" Mmm termite booty

Author — Aaron Lowe


"Finding someone as thorough as Rose these days is rare" Like when was the script for this written, 1952?

Author — Rami Zackary Shamir