Cat-5 Hurricane DORIAN Smashes the Bahamas: DURING & AFTER

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iCyclone's Hurricane DORIAN Chase: Intense footage from the inner core and eye of Hurricane Dorian as it struck Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. Video shows not only the brute power of this incredible storm as it happened, but also the shocking aftermath.

This video unfolds in five chapters:

* The Approach
* The Impact
* The Day After
* Two Days After
* Three Days After

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💬 Comments on the video

That little tree is quite the trooper. Absolutely harrowing footage

Author — Alex Alves


I never want to experience something like this again. We lost everything but we are grateful to be alive!!!! Praise God!!!

Author — Nechole777


Let’s get some like for that poor little tree that stood strong ✊🏽💯🖤

Author — David Lopez


This type of landfall intensity only happens a few times every decade, and you managed to document it.

Author — daniel barber


I couldn't help but notice the spirits of the people after the storm finally passed. They we're simply happy to be alive.

Author — Stephen Mast


Until you've been thru something like this you'll never understand. It's terrifying & you feel helpless.

I tell you the eye of a hurricane is like heaven that is surrounded by hell. The eye coming on land & hours prior to a hurricane making a landfall is the most peaceful things on Earth. It feels like the Earth has stood still. Just complete silence.



This is so scary. I feel so much for the people who had to go through this storm. I watch this feeling so helpless for you all. I’m so sorry

Author — S White


The look in the eyes of the people at the clinic after the storm is haunting. I wonder how they are doing now.

Author — Sandy Gillians


Everyone : at window looking at hurricane.
Guy at 8:13 : *casually mops up water*

Author — SirPinalot


"We're gonna be okay. I have total confidence."

You, sir, have nerves of steel.

Author — John McNulty Jr.


It reminds me of how small I am in this world...

Author — Rune Pratt


Sir I've been in Law Enforcement for nearly 20 years and this is one of the most intense videos I've ever watched. I don't know if you're courageous or a lunatic but thank you for capturing this for us to see. Words do not do this justice.

Author — bigddybn


I have no words. Absolutely terrifying and devastating. My heart hurts for them 😔

Author — Amy


Makes you think.. Your life is way more important than materialistic items

my heart is feeling such sorrow for everyone in Bahamas May god help us all

Author — Life Like Lorenz


By far the most graphic video I've seen. I think I have saw 70% of the videos. Prayers go out to Bahamas and the people of the island.



Horrifying to see the devastation down there. Fantastic video though Josh, it really demonstrates why everyone needs to heed warnings and take these storms as serious as they can.

Author — Tyler Hutchinson


I am just beside myself. Building's damaged or destroyed. I can live with. The loss of life? Absolutely the most heartbreaking of this disaster. A building can be re-built, And a life can not be brought back. Here in Florida. We are sending supplies to you. Sadly, it is never soon enough. May God bless you all and hold you in his arms.

Author — Mike Brewer


That tree... is invincible we are praying for u bahamas

Author — Gaming TV


At around the 30 minute mark it looks so much like Joplin, Missouri after the 2011 tornado, complete and utter devastation.
I very recently found out about you Josh and I have to say that you’re great. You know your stuff, you know what you’re doing, you care about people and you want to show the world what they go through when this kind of hurricane hits. Thank you from Italy for this documentary, it really shows an heartbreaking reality. I hope all those people get the help they need. Stay safe the next time as well, Josh

Author — Federico Pavan


Your film will be in the history books brotha!! I miss marsh and Hope town already🙏🙏

Author — Grant Fielding