Cyprus Crisis 1974 - COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY

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Our animated historical documentary series continues with a video on the Cyprus conflict of 1974, during which the local Greek and Turkish communities clashed and were supported by the armies and navies of Turkey and Greece.

The video was made by our friend Benjin Pratt.

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Greeks and Turks are realy calm ın comment sanction but others are trying to start a fight lol

Author — Cyber Bully


That moment when you think Greeks and Turks would be arguing in the comments, but everyone ripping on the British 😂😂

Author — Y tho?


Turkey wins the war.
Greek wins the marathon run.
Britain is bad referee.

Author — Rated - GR


Many modern conflicts have roots with Britain.

Author — Viraj XYZ


Britain: If I cant have this Island, no one can!

Author — yifan91


If you feel useless, think of NATO in this video.

Author — Jason


Ah, England…the original “he started it.”

Author — Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell


Anything: *Exists*
U.K in the 19th century: Can we annex you and if we leave we will make you fight another country or you'll be the battleground.

Author — Das Geschichte Junge


No one is foolish enough to prefer war from peace. In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.

Herodotus, 480-420 BC, Ancient Greek historian

Author — BillST100


Note to add: "Aisha went on holiday" was the code used by the Turks to start the military operation.

Author — Waleed


I’m *Cypriot and I think that we should all live in peace, I don’t hate any Turk just because of our history. In my opinion war isn’t the answer.

Author — •Sophie muffin•


Thank you for making a neutral look for this war.

Author — Onur A


This comment section:
%1 Turks and Greeks fighting
%99 tHis cOmMeNt sEctiOn

Author — Efmerty 21


The British... always the seed of conflict..

Author — The Alchemy


When Turks are getting overthrown Britain refuses to play the mediator. When Turks are winning suddenly they feel the need to finish the conflict. Classic Britain

Author — Seçkin ŞAHİNBAŞ


My dad was a British soldier who went to Cyprus as a UN peace keeper in the 80s. Said it was the best holiday he ever had.

Author — Reuben Marshall


"Peace at home, peace in the world." Atatürk.

Author — Barış YILDIRIM


While Turks and Greek Cypriots lived in peace in Cyprus for years, for some reason, after the British came to the island, they became two enemies.

Author — Hakan çelik


just to name a few one..
Cyprus (Turkey-Greece conflict)
Kashmir (Pakistan-India conflict)

All thanks to the Brits..

Author — Tamer Aslantas


This would be an amazing ARMA setting.

Author — Razor