Tucker: Democrats, fires and the climate misinformation campaign

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In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky: You can't see it, but it's everywhere and it's deadly. #FoxNews #Tucker

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Trump didn't create the hate in the left he simply exposed it

Author — IFuranus hadaface


"Never let a good crisis go to waste". Hillary Clinton

Author — Nelio Anderson


Washing state DNR literally called him out for bad land management practices...

Author — steve cwell


As much as science is not perfect then is the bible passage,  “Whenever I hold back the rain or send locusts to eat up the crops or send an epidemic on my people, if they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again.'

Author — Ryan McElwee



Author — Bill Eblen


More than 26 fires were set within 24 hours of the Feds shutting down the Portland riots... There's no playing stupid to who did it... 👿

Author — Shaigh S Josephson


Lol I’d like Biden or his son give coding a try 😂

Author — paxsmile


Caught people started fires, it is not climate changes!

Author — domo le


Don’t worry tucker, anyone with half a brain doesn’t believe the climate change lie. These poor young people have been indoctrinated in their colleges. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Author — Gary Bradley


The left said they would burn America down and they were serious!

Author — Kenny H


in australia they have found that 75% of fires are started by humans. I would immagine this would be similar in the US.

Author — Yurgen Serediuk


Pennsylvania is going to vote Red again..
Pennsylvania for Trump 2Q2Q

Author — Ronald Sinclair


Never mind the fact those fires are caused by arson and stupidity.

Author — Ima Hobbit


*_EARTH PREISTESS PELOSI_* 🤣🤣🤣 "Mother nature is angry".

Author — President Moore


Who believes this is climite changes e think is criminal fire by human hands

Author — Laura Aguilar Mirospeedtattoos


The fires we had here in Australia were lit by humans. They tried to say it was climate change.

Author — tintin3366


Google: It's not global warming: Oregon officials announce arrest of two more alleged arsonists including criminal transient

Hey sleepy Joe. "Arsonist", isn't something I'd be accusing my rival of when your BLM/Antifa followers are currently being arrested for setting fires.

So, sad Joe's saying his arsonists will continue to set fires when Trump wins.

When he says, "Don't be surprised if we see more wildfires, " it sounds like a dog whistle to his BLM/Antifa extremists to actually light more fires.

Democrat BLM money paying the real arsonists. Wildfires started by people not weather.

Obviously, by staying in the basement, Sleepy Joe hasn't seen the videos of people setting fires with fireworks. That’s climate control for the Democrats.

The wild fires were not climate change. They were a results of poor forestry management by Democrat governors for decades.

Did King Obama and sleepy Joe Biden do 1 thing about so-called Climate Change in their 8 years?


For 47+ years in congress and Joe has done NOTHING but enrich himself and his son Hunter.

The brain-dead Democrats are going to blame President Trump for wildfires, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes if it means they can get someone to vote for Joe Biden.

If global warming is REAL Democrats, why did King Obama buy ocean front property in Martha's Vineyards?

Why don’t you take responsibilities of all these riots, looting and ambushes of our police officers Joe?

Get lost!

Here is Joe Biden, the BEST candidate for president of the United States of America:

Google: Biden says a black man, not Edison, invented the light bulb

Google: Joe Biden Forgets what state he's in

Please friends, DON'T stay home on November 3rd.

Author — Raymond Cook


Look at that Dutchsense. He’s caught the lasers being initiated

Author — TS RealTexan


More scientist suggests that there is no climate emergency, and, that climate change is not man-made unless it is caused by geo-engineering!!! Also, there is plenty of evidence that many of these fires were started deliberately. Technocrats & globalist are doing this deliberately to force us to change the way we live, and only relying on the United Nations & technocrats to save us, whilst we give up our

Author — Julia Marple


Democrats have blown their cover, how we didn't see they are the problem is beyond me

Author — Adam Baits