Daft Punk - Epilogue

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Je vous aime, et je vous aimerai toujours.

Author — Ponce


Got to respect the decision but man does that suck. Random access memories is an incredible album to end on, I just would have loved one last song or ep. thank you for all the music and good times Guy -Manuel and Thomas. Masters of their craft.

Author — Mo


I thought they were gonna do an official face reveal! You could literally say hi to daft punk in the supermarket and would have no idea



I was hoping for at least one more album. Thank you for the good music

Author — Mahir Cave


Daft punk ont atteint les 12 millions de vue, on attend la vidéo avec macron

Author — Kentra Show


I remember partying to Daft Punk in the early 2000's and before. This is a tremendous video but also sad to see at the same time. Live long and prosper friends. You have given me decades of enjoyment.

Author — Wutaii1 Nostalgia


"I'm sure 2021 will be better"

I'm gonna miss you guys.

Author — Joseph Grant


I'm.... I'm not crying- Shut up- You're crying, I don't cry-
*Damn it I'm crying*

Author — Codsterbroman


The people of this world makes musical heroes while time makes them legends

Goodbye DP

Author — Arnold Thats it


They did everything right, up to the last moment. Legends.

Author — zizographie


Their all-time influence on music cannot be overstated. So glad they’ll now get to enjoy their lives and rest knowing what they’ve done for all kinds of music. What a bittersweet day

Author — TheDreRock


Merci d'avoir existé, merci d'avoir amené la musique électro partout dans le monde !! Vous avez marqué toute mon adolescence avec vos pepites. French Music power !! Vive les Daft Punk 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

Author — Kevin Malnati


This is love for music and their characters, not about being celebrities. All good things must come to an end and their leaving on a high note.☝

Author — Alejandro Cortez


If love is the answer you're home Hold on

Author — Terminathor tank


“Don't cry Because it's over, be happy because it happened”

― Dr. Suess

Author — Saiko


THE greatest to EVER do it. Words can’t describe the inspiration & knowledge we gained from listening to the 2 robots over the years. Wishing them nothing but good energy & positivity for the future - Thank you for everything Guy & Thomas 😢♥️ unreal...

Author — Disclosure


I’ve always wanted one of their helmets, but I think they should really be put in a museum. 2020 was a bad year and this one isn’t starting off that well either so hopefully we don’t lose anymore legends.

Author — Neutrosium Is my name


So we gonna pretend gold helmet didn’t just kill a man

Author — james mason


Je suis tellement triste que ce soit la fin...

Author — Strike 2844


Good bye friends, it was awesome growing up with your sounds.

Author — GazAdventures