Geography Now! Azerbaijan

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Wow, Sorry this took so long, I'm back from Finland and FINALLY finished the AZERBAIJAN video. I talked to a lot of Azerbaijani subscribers who helped me with this video, and hopefully it's okay.

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Out of all countries, Azerbaijan has the largest KFC???

Author — Error 404


All I knew about Azerbaijan is that they are good at eurovision lol

Author — blaise


Damn it I wish I had the world's biggest KFC

Author — hellyF3


Largest KFC! Screw Paris, I'm going to Baku!

Author — Alien Soldier


I love the Caucasus because it's sort of a blend of European and Asian cultures.

Author — FuturisticBagel


"Two countries, one nation"

Author — The Legend 566 - Archive



We have the biggest KFC


Why i didin't know half of these things

Whatever, great video!

Author — Artemis Jace


Anytime you make a video about Armenia or Azerbaijan prepare for a war in the comments but anyway nice video!

Author — Brandon Gillis


Azerbaijan language near with Turkish language same to Portuguese language near with Spanish
Two Countries One nation!

Author — Abdussamed Dönmez


interesting video! ive always wanted to go to Baku. it seems amazing

Author — Andy Cockrum


Thanks for this, i wanna visit Azerbaijan now

Author — Hallowed Productions


I'm From Algeria, , Azerbaijan is nice country, I wish to visit this muslim country  one day inchalah,

Author — Sina Feed


If you took the time to talk about Azerbaijan's only exclave, then your India/Bangladesh video will take ages.

Author — Roberto Grigolatto


Good job!! Im an Azeri who grew up in NY and learning about Azeri geography from this fun video helped me appreciate my roots more. Politics crap aside, every country has its story and a beautiful side.
So thank you very much for this video! Looking forward to learning about other countries!!

Author — Atifa Alieva


Zimbabwe is here waiting... And waiting.
P.S, I'm not from Zimbabwe
P.P.S Viva La Singapura

Author — TheDarkRangerz


A secular country with a islam majority. Interesting!

I like these videos a lot. Hope to see more

Author — One Ashlander's Toe Is Worth A Thousand Hlaalu


Azerbaijan is in Fast and Furious 7! It's a really good movie.

Author — ThatNutsAuzzie12


I love you Caucasus .Asssaa I love you Azerbaijan .I love you Turkey.Baku very very nice city .amazing country

Author — Firuz Nagiyev


I am from Georgia and i'm teacher of geography. i love this channel, but please make a video about Georgia too!!!

Author — Alexandre Phiruzashvili


Thank you for this great Video! But only 9 Million Azerbaijanis are living in Azerbaijan, but they are over 20 Million Azerbaijanis who are living in Iran. :) 

Author — TuranTV Azerbaycan