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Reporter Sahar Zand and Director Katie Arnold are in Iraq to meet its new social media stars.

Huge nationwide protests against corruption have been making headlines, but these young millennials are taking on power in a different way, by celebrating beauty, fashion and rap. They’ve got millions of followers, but, as Unreported World finds out, fame can have deadly consequences.

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Unreported world, what you do is not only journalism and film, you create true bonds with the people you interview and it shows. You get much more real responses. I’ve seen a few channels that do this as well but your videos are much more intriguing and raw.

Author — 구선희


They didn't mention a young guy called ( Hamoudy AlMeteri) 15 years old kid killed in Iraq because he was well known Instagramer, they killed him because they thought he was a gay (he had cute baby face and using many filter before publishing his photos) his last words was "I want to see my mom😪" and they brutally filmed how they killed.

Author — Genotronex


Lmfao so those guys are suing for having their identity exposed on social media, but think it’s perfectly fine to kidnap and murder someone..

Author — George Hennen


Why can’t they just leave women They aren’t hurting anyone!!!

Author — winta semere


I couldn't imagine living in a country were I have no freedom or be able to give freedom to my daughter's without worrying about them being killed.

Author — smith david


The world could be so much more peaceful and fun living in, if everyone would just mind their own business...

Author — Mary K


If showing skin is worst than killing a human being, then their belief system is bs. My respect to all those ladies that are pushing the boundaries 💪🏻

Author — Option Z


They didn’t kill the photographer who is a male but the model who is a female 🥺 That’s so sad!

Author — Har


I fear for these new millennials in Iraq. Literally fear for them.

Author — Julia Hoover


Imagine being so proud of your culture/religion you commit murder because of cleavage.

Author — JChrys


Iraq in the 60s and 70s vs now is insane...

Author — n e h a


I’m glad the Iraqi youth are expressing more freedom from religious constraints. Adopting the west’s vapid consumerism and idolization of people like the Kardashian’s is regrettable however.

Author — ignignokt -


Iraq had a westernized culture in the 70s so it is nothing new really, my Iraqi  relatives were living there at that time and then moved to the UK.

Author — kpzcbttp


Wait a minute. The photographer dude said Tara was murdered because she showed off too much skin, but wasn't he the one taking all the pictures?

Author — chidubem


I admire the make up artist/photographer's artistry. He's incredible.

Author — Bryan DC


GOD bless ALL WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD, WE have come a long way but there is so much still to overcome

Author — precious j


I don't mean to sound ignorant but I had no idea Baghdad was so....westernized. What I want to know is who did Tara's braids lol? They look good, just didn't know people over there knew how to do that kind of hairstyle. So sad what those women experience. If I was living there I damn sure wouldn't be posting pics and dressing like I'm in America...no ma'am!

Author — XCocoaCutieX


I adore this journalist. She’s amazing at the work she does and speaks multiple languages. Impressive.

Author — RemarkableLankyBean


Amazing what we take for granted...what freedom really means. Never thought it took amazing courage to be an insta model. #IncredibleRespect

Author — Jerry Williams


They need to leave these women alone, they aren't bothering anyone. It's none of their business the way they live their lives. These religious extremest are playing God it's not their place to judge anyone

Author — Teresa Pitts