GOT YOU - Chris’s 50th big birthday surprise made him cry

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We hadn’t planned to be in Turkey for Chris’ 50th but after weeks of planning a surprise for his birthday it really worked. We’re happy to share his real reactions to the best present ever.

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Travel vlog 331 | Chris' 50th Birthday | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

As a turk living in england, I enjoy watching you, you are so sweet

Author — Hatice Sonmez


Happy birthday the perfect hearted human🙋‍♀️🥳

Author — Gulrosie


Sağlık, huzur, başarı ile dolu bir ömür dilerim. Doğum günün kutlu olsun.

Author — Dudam Rula


As a Turkish that want to live UK, I watching you as a English learner:)) you are amazing and speaking very clearly, and you are looking very lovely:)) happy birthday!!!

Author — Semih Erdoğan


I wish you a healthy, happy and happy birthday with your loved ones. We love you.

Author — dodge challenger


Happy Birthday Chris. Just celebrated my 50th yesterday here in Turkey (Side) too, also a Chris(tine). Hope you had a fantastic day.xx

Author — Christine Wright


WOW thats a day you wont forget Happy Birthday Big 50 wishing you all the best

Author — patricia brown


Happy birthday chris. I hope you really enjoy your road long time :D

Author — Can Göktaş


Cried some real tears...Happy Birthday Chris I just celebrated my 40th.

Author — Rodney Stewart


People there are amazing! Heartwarming video...

Author — ruth bartonico


What good memories and friends! Happy birthday Chris and have a good time with Marianne :)

Author — Vahide Gül Türkmen


You are one of the richest people in the world... You've saved friends instead of money.

I cryed while watching the video.

Happy Birthday...
Peace, love and music

Author — Fatih ŞİRİN


İyi ki doğdun Chris.Bir yastık ta kocayın

Author — Gezgin48


I've been waiting in anticipation. I knew Marianne would do something to make it very special. Happy, happy birthday Chris!

Author — Connie Martin


Happy birthday, Chris! What a lovely video Marianne & Bee put together for you -- my eyes were weepy, too. Thank you so much for sharing your happy day with all of us! Love, Aaron the Bus Driver and Mrs. P! 🎉🎊🎂🎊🎉

Author — Aaron P


Mutlu yıllar Chris reis. Turkish people wish you both a healthy and joyful life ahead.

Author — D. Lukas Dursun


Love the long distance messages from your friends and family! Special wishes for a special man!!!

Author — Joanne DeFalco


Best wish to Chirs! keep moving forward. love u two.

Author — sheng wang


What an awesome birthday Marrianne organised for you, glad you had a special 50th Chris xx

Author — Gypsy


Not only are you sharing your amazing adventures, but we get little glimpses of how much you love each other. Absolutely inspiring. Happy Birthday, Chris. What a beautiful way to celebrate!

Author — Theresa Boothby