how to save $10,000 from scratch | budgeting, personal finances, and saving in college!

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//How to save $10,000 from scratch! I'm talking about budgeting, personal finances, and how to save especially when you're in college. I talked about how to save money and how to budget to not spend as much money. Let me know if you want to see more practical videos on saving money and being financially stable! I obviously am not a professional--these are just my own tips!



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“the first way to treat yourself is to be financially stable” SO TRUE AND IS NOT SAID ENOUGH !!!!

Author — Sarah Watts


Stop buying things you do NOT need.
Example: You do not need 6 pairs of sneakers, 3 expensive watches, $200 dollar sunglasses, etc etc. Splurge reasonably.
This tip alone will save you a ton!

Author — Carlos


once a year i do a no spend month, and by that i mean for a full month i only purchase essentials and pay bills, nothing else. i also stopped buying coffee and food at work and bring my own, then i move $10 into my savings every day that i work. it’s incredible how much it all adds up!

Author — inalykowski


A cheap meal recipe video would be SO helpful!

Author — Ankita Moss


I'm starting the 52 week challenge where I save 5 dollars a week. I'm cooking at home now and only taking me and my daughter out once a month.

Author — The Pauling Family


When I was broke life in college at 19 I just got out..I would make this meal last five days

Just spaghetti with beef and vegetables I bought the cheap stuff

Spaghetti x2 $2.00
Two cans/jars of spaghetti sauce (you can buy cheap tomato sauce or the 6.00 jar I choose the around $2 jar of prego)
A pound of ground beef or turkey (also varies in price depending on which one you buy)

Green or bell pepper

To be honest I take any vegetables I like cut them up and put them all in a saucepan until they are cooked

Then I take the pasta sauce add whatever spices to it I like (I love an Italian mix and some balsamic vinegar just a little vinegar though)

I cook the meat Separately and drain off the meat juice

I literally add all of it together let it cook in the sauce for awhile 15 minutes or an hour the longer the better and then I just make the spaghetti

I find I can make this for around $15.00 and I eat lunch or dinner for the whole week with it

Author — Rachel Newman


There's a really good budgeting app called DollarBird, where you don't have to sync your bank account to the app and you input your expenses manually. It's been so helpful for me to see where I spend my money, and perfect because I didn't want to put my bank account information into the app. :)

Author — Tate


A wedding is just one day. Save your money for the rest of your life. That's a LOT of compound interest and life experiences lost. Some of these weddings are like keeping up with the Jones. I wish I could have convinced my wife of this at the time.

Author — The Grimm Perspective - Cory Grimm


I NEEDED this video! I’m a sophomore in college right now and I need to save my money better

Author — beautybyashley


i appreciate how gracious you are about knowing that everyone is in a different situation. i loved this video! super helpful and honest about beig real with yourself

Author — Amanda Karas


literally the best and most helpful youtuber ever

Author — Julia Rae


I needed this video bcuz I’m really bad at managing money 🤣🤣

Author — Georgina Maria


My absolute dream is to save $10, 000! This summer i worked so much doing 8 hour shifts 6 days a week and I was still only able to save $1, 000 for college and it’s already gone due to books and rent :( thinking I have to get a second job

Author — Mslennonlady


Thank you so much for uploading this video. I wish that more people on YouTube would talk about this instead of showing all of their haul videos which makes me want to spend money. Not that haul videos are bad or anything, but it is nice to see somebody putting something different up! Love your videos!

Author — Caitlin Janelle


Im a 27 yr old learning finance from a college student. I feel great

Author — Lil H


Hi Michelle! In one of your old videos you mentioned how you can have a great or bad college experience wherever you go, because it’s about what you make out of it. That actually saved me a lot of money, because it helped me decide to go to a community college (which is free in my state). I was really afraid of not having the freshman experience, but I ended up really liking it here. I would have been so stressed about finances if I went to my dream school right away. So far my grades and art portfolio have improved since high school, so I’m hoping to get really good scholarships for when I transfer. Thank you so much Michelle for all that you do! You are such an amazing person, and have taught me so many things.

Author — Devan Leanna


I’m one of your OG subscribers been subscribed since 2012. You are still beautiful just like you were 6 years ago. I will continue to watch your videos and wish you nothing but success in life. Crazy how fast time as went by.

Author — Traneisha


Love the video and you. You’re hands down my favorite youtuber. Love how strong you are in your faith and how family oriented you are.

Author — G


THIS VIDEO IS FOR ME!!!! my family just made fun of me for 30 min because I'm so bad at money management

Author — Aly Mcalister


This was so so helpful!! I'm a senior in highschool and I just finished working out my financial aid for the school I'm going to next year + I know I still have a lot of money I need to save and work to make during college to make my top school possible, but this put a lot of my purchases into perspective!! Great video Michelle!!

Author — AnnaGrace Frances