Bob Woodward: President Trump Ridiculed Me For Mentioning Black Lives Matter

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Bob Woodward, author of the new book "Rage," describes a conversation in which the President expressed his deep disdain for the Black Lives Matter movement. #Colbert #BobWoodward #Rage

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Talking non-stop to the guy who broke Watergate. What a stable genius.

Author — Schmancy


He's not downplaying the virus. He's lying. Period. Runs from a sneeze....more like waddles his way out.

Author — nadt


If he didn't want to cause a panic, he never should have run for office.

Author — LeavingIt Blank


"The microphone is a microscope" Bob Woodward genius.

Author — eduardo visinoni


Trump is now going to try to discredit Bob, for making him look like a complete baffling fool. Bob is an icon, and Trump is jus a con.

Author — nallib benson


How many Trump supporters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None, Trump just says it's screwed in, and they all stand in the dark and cheer.

Author — Darrell Powell


Could you imagine now why Trump wasn't allowed by his lawyers to speak during his impeachment? He would not only have indicted himself, but everyone in his administration the U.S. itself and half the puppets on Sesame street.

Author — Mark Youneva


I just checked my coronavirus tracker and the U.S. is already over 200, 000 and counting as of tonight. The president failed miserably to protect American lives!!! He should resign immediately!!

Author — Julio Perez


Trump hates Bob Woodward's new book, calling it "boring", as if he actually reads books lol

Author — Bradley Holmes


In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell

Author — Pat Bhukkanasut


Trump not only couldn't protect, he even push his supporters off the cliff into the abyss of DEATH. Let's rally, it's deadly?!

Author — ahloke cafe


no one gonna talk about john being a consistent spark of positivity in every show?

Author — Daniel Burwell


Bob Woodward is what a true American patriot looks like.

Author — Noah S-B


Racists live in isolated white houses fortified by closed minds and iron hearts.

Author — Albert Roy


Trump: Even as a criminal, he‘s a failure.

Author — taxiuniversum


I like the part where t'rump was angry Bob's first book painted him as an incompetent clown, so this time around, he decided to give 9 hours of taped interviews so in his next book, there'd be no doubt. 😂🤣

Author — Ro G


I can never watch John Baptiste without smiling. He is a true spreader of joy and love 🤗

Author — Jeff Mathers


"He's the night prowler... looking for something to do."

_Looking for something to do._

We have an absentee president, ladies and gentlemen.

Author — Zgembo


Someone said to me the media has murdered my intelligence, guess what Bozo has expunged any little bit of common sense you have. Bozo is a danger to this country and if he is reelected. Putin will be controlling every move Bozo makes.

Author — Patty Cake


I often wonder at the peace we all may feel once trump is out of office, he is just exhausting. I give Mr. Woodward so much credit for having to sit with this horrible president for as long as he did without wanting to vomit.

Author — Kelli Schertz