Turkey's Drones: A game changer

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There is one common denominator that has brought success and aerial superiority to Turkish forces in the fight against Syrian regime forces in Idlib and against PKK terrorism, and more recently, against Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar’s failed advances towards Tripoli. That is Turkey’s military drones.
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Im kurdish and proud and i love Turkish brothers inshallah we untied once again regarding of evil problems that cost from outsider inshalah united inshllah inshllah

Author — Bakhtyar Agah


Very proud of Turkey - hope to see more innovations coming from other Muslim nations too!

Author — Sam C


Turkey has the best drones in the world hands down. Turkey revealed itself to be a quality arms manufacturing nation one that caught many nations who are adversaries to Turkey off guard as well. Turkish Drones are in a class of their own and without a doubt Turkey is now currently a major players in the defensive arms manufacturing worldwide.

Author — LVPN 1


We need turkey military support in Somalia... African Union forces are useless.

Author — Mu Gahiye


Turkish Drones: Destroys terrorist targets, Pantsir air defenses and drives mercenaries out.
American drones: Targets funerals, hospital, schools, marriage ceremonies, laborourers, famers etc in Afghanistan and Yemen.

Author — Wasim Paget3


We love you Turkey 🇹🇷 saying hi from Somalia 🇸🇴..

Author — Tormund Gaint


I am from Pakistan but honestly if Turkey goes to war i will stand with Turkish forces 🇵🇰🇹🇷❤❤

Author — Bill Gates


Turkey is also manufacturing Drone-Jets now. One of them is named Göksungur

Author — Furkan 06


Go ahead Turkey! Bangladesh always stands behind you.

Author — Ajharul Islam Aunik


I love Erdogan and Turks at large.
Especially upon witnessing assistance they are giving to Somalia.

Author — nurow maalim


May Allah strength turkey and all Muslim countries as far as they practice religion of truth

Author — Mujahid Khan


Turkish people are the kindest people I've ever met, may Allah bless Turkey and Turkish people 🌼

Author — 100 million subscribers With one video


May Turk Muslims always flourish ammen. from Pakistan

Author — umair khan


I can't Breathe, I can't Breathe IO Jammu &Kashmir.

Author — Golden Shamrock


The self sufficiency of Turkey is going to put fear to the those who oppose Turkey, thus giving them a much needed upper hand in negotiations, deals etc, the world being "bigger than 5" as Erodogan stated in his UNGA speech will be put into reality! 💪❤☝

Author — Shahed Ali


This nation will become a major superpower in the years to come.

Author — Frederick Elsoda


Love Turkish Kardesh from Pakistan 🇵🇰 More power to Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Irfan Sandhu


TRT gurur verici çalışmalar yapmaya devam ediyor. Allah yardımcınız olsun

Author — BurstFire NO1


Turkeys combat drones... what about jet combat drones... may god bless the turks

Author — Bratajaya 19790102


Erdogan for life, one of the best Muslim leaders in the world.

Author — Mohamad Abdo