Murdered Telangana Vet Seen On Bike In CCTV; Cops Suspect She Was Raped

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Four people have been taken into custody a day after the body of a young veterinarian - badly burnt - was found near Hyderabad. The police suspect that she may have been raped before she was murdered. Disturbing details have emerged as the police are trying to piece together the details and arrest the culprits.

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Ufff man. How much pain that lady had endured before she died!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭what has happened to humanity??

Author — Rohit Chowdhury


Why protect their identity by covering the faces???

Author — The CrunchLator


They are not afraid, doing same things again and again.

Author — Engineer's HOUSE


Have them eaten by lions and tigers so they will know the pain as well before they die 😡😡😡😡

Author — Edwin Raj


they deserve endless pain and suffering worst than death. RIP my sister.

Author — Priyank Chotalia


What is happening to humanity shameful

Author — Anil Kaushal


Women in India should be allowed to carry licensed handgun.✌️

Author — Victor Linkhian naga


At least we should follow islamic punishment rules in criminal cases

Author — YouTube WhatsApp


I love NDTV but this lady anchor is smiling while taking the interview from victims father and sister.
May be this lady anchor is more concerned about her beauty on the camera.
Shame on you ma'am

Author — James D'SA


First action the police. Who rejected her sister's FIR.

Author — rafiya sulthana


Can you please spend few crores on CCTV cameras for the nation?? Its urgent!! Rather than spending the money on useless stuff please do something for the betterment of our society. Please its a request.

Author — Prarthana Gogoi


Rapist:- निर्भया कांड के रेपिस्ट इतने सालो में आज भी आराम से है
तो और रेपिस्ट को सजा मिले ये केसे हो सकता है..!!

Author — vfx_ worrier


India Mai chal Kai Raha public ko ram mandir Chahiye magar India Mai joh rape case aur Baki sabh humanity joh khatam ho rahii uspaii dhayan nahi daii Raha public ko humanity wapas lane chahiye phirr ram mandir ya kisi bhi religious place kai liyaa appeal karne chahiye

Author — Navman Kaskar


Law and Order should be the TOP PRIORITY OF HOME MINISTER AMIT SHAH, take states to task for lack luster attitude of Law enforcing agencies

Author — Chikitsak Dehlimein


Shameful incident for whole country...we become educated but we forget our moral Values

Author — Humanity First


Fed up of this country.scared of living here with our kids.

Author — sony chacko


My request to the home ministry that please make the police corruption less and make it upgraded . Please.

Author — Bidesh Paul


GoI should install CCTV cameras all over India to ensure safety security to all citizens.

Author — Manorama Bara


Do the same with them....I don't know when will women get justice

Author — Arancha Prashar


Inlogo Ko sirf fasi nahi Dena chahiye ...har din ek ek body part cut k usmain mirchi de de k tarpana chahiye ...wo bekasur ladki Ko jaise yeh log tarpaya hai ...Inlogo Ko v tarpa tarpa k marna chahiye ....jail / fasi salution nahi hai ....Sabak aaise sikhao ki yeh Sab Kavi na ho

Author — Anirban Dutta