Inside the hunt for ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

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The leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is the most wanted man in the world and has been able to evade capture for years. Martin Chulov, Middle East reporter for The Guardian, joins CBSN to discuss the hunt for al-Baghdadi and the fight against ISIS.

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We got em tonight! Thank you Trump and our military! See what leaders do?

Author — Patrick Tuohy


He's in London running for mayor. Or in Germany hiding under Merkel's skirt. Or living in Obama's basement. Or staying in Hillary's attic.

Author — Gordon Wiessner


"The coward of Kabul" will hide from justice now that he is loosing.

Author — Fergal Collins


He is in the Village of Hajin near on the Iraqi syrian border.

Author — Dale Thacker


00:27 Dude, that is the youngest looking Marine General I've ever seen. He could pass himself off as a Lance Corporal.

Author — strawdawgs78


He could be hanging out in Lybia or Yemen.

Author — No Wallet


“He died like a dog”

Thank you President Trump

Author — WickedG5150 Forever


Maybe he was in one of the many vehicles that was allowed Safe passage from raqqa by both Kurdish forces and American forces! They were given a deal in order not to harm any more civilians to leave unharmed!

Author — Jamie Grieve


He's with the CIA ask them they will tell you.

Author — Kush Enterprise


He is hiding in Israel or Saudi Arabia inside of a CIA and Mossad bubble?

Author — AARM-USRA


I’m glad the Saudi Purge is in full effect. The ones they are getting rid of are responsible for the creation of ISIS. I always though ISIS was created by American and Israeli assets. Mostly because I always think of the most outlandish possibility. I recently came across some information that points to Saudi Arabia. I know Obama inadvertently supplied them. Was it a mistake? I’m starting to think Obama/Clinton are the enemy.

Author — Rich Callahan


Maybe he gave up the goat for the panda!

Author — Peter Scherling


Haha his own people turned him in...haha money talks💰💵😁

Author — The Watcher


Hahahaha who knows who they were those isis and other jihadists (terrorists) that the USA let go with there weapons and made them a safe passage he could have been easily with them, upps and there it goes again something its normal in this isis war CIA+MOSSAD=ISIS

Author — Richard Abela


The truth was out several years ago, which I am certain that they know by now. So why are they still telling us stories like this one?

Author — Annie


Easy to find where he is - CIA headquarters : McLean road Langley Virginia 22101, United States Of America .

Author — Joker


Y'all not gonna catch him it's over Isis rebuild and are stronger they was never defeated

Author — Sharone Pemberton


He’s a actor, he’s not a real figure, when will the people of this world wake up

Author — Zed Shaban


why say where you believe he is ?? that is pointless

Author — ipressedabutton


the rat is hiding out somewhere in the iron only a matter of time before he will experience the same fate as zarqawi.

Author — e james