How a Drone Hunted Three Kurdish Fighters in Syria | NYT Investigates

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In January, Turkey launched an offensive into Syria’s northwest. We analyzed drone footage released by the military to show how two sides fight on a modern battlefield.

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US media talking about civilian casualties LOL

Author — The Great Ammuraf


What kind of civil they are with rocket?

Author — Cuddly Cuttle


1.2 million civilians killed in Iraq war where is democracy

Author — Set


"Civillians" with long range weapons... yeah, for sure USA, for sure👌

Author — Raven


just another civilian day with long range artillery on my toyota

Author — Arven Tahtyan


Turkey kills civilians? What about the fact that 90% killed by Obama's drone strikes were civilians?

Author — Turanist Turk


The jew york times, can you do a video on how israel is going to build the third temple for Dajjal

Author — Practical Islam


Ah yes, “civillians” with an artillery truck firing blindly as a regular civillian does. Jokes aside is it not a violation of the Geneva conevtion for a militant to not be sporting identifying clothing and badges?

Author — Yiğit Algüney


Afrin will not fall!!!! Falls 3 seconds later

Author — I am a space man


This is a fine example of western propaganda against Turkey while they claim footage is a Turkish propaganda.

Author — Hypergraph


Civilians with long ranged guns and Small firearms and the garage full of supplies and equipments and more combatants yet the media calls them civilians. Duh 🙄

Author — Odysseus Asterion


Hey New York Times, as I see, everybody knows facts (read conments). I think you do propaganda...

Author — Ogr Nrn


they are not fighters, they are called terrorist.

Author — kaan erturk


Kurdish fighter? you mean cia or mossad fighters :D

Author — cabbar3050


00:01 Terrorist say “Afrin not fall” and Turkey captured afrin 1 hour later 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — MERT


US propaganda video against Turkey...
So Turkey does not accept US demands... So when they demand from u, it must be done. Otherwise u are bad man...
US propaganda is really strong but eventually truth is stronger... Sooner or later people will realise the difference between reality and US propaganda.

Author — Samet Işık


great job turkish army. this terroreste kurdsh beleive in US promess

Author — ABuzz


So when America kills civilians all around the globe it’s OK?!

Author — Dusty Boy


Clean and precise. Bravo to the Turkish military

Author — M. Milandhia Rasyhid


Just a reminder to everyone that those YPG/PKK Marxists terrorists were firing indiscriminately into civilian areas in Turkey.

Author — julius caesar