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There's shock and anger in India after a 19-year-old gang raped and left for dead by her attackers, died in hospital. The victim belonged to the Dalit community, the lowest in India's caste system. She was left paralysed and severly injured by her alleged attackers, all upper caste men. They have been arrested. But the incident, less than 200 kilometers from Delhi has raised questions of a cover-up as well, especially after she was cremated in the dead of night by police, against her family's wishes.

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India the one place on earth where it's way safer to be a cow than to be a woman 😑👎



India is very very dangerous country for women and human rights. Girls are being raped and killed and cop favour only rich men. It is called " Andha-kanoon" for lower caste people

Author — Ravi ranjan Kumar


International media is covering it but Indian media is busy covering controversy of bollywood

Author — Braad Pitt


cremating a dead body without the family's consent is a desecration of the human. Clearly, what happened was a cover-up.

Author — Seph


Nothing will happen. I have lost my faith in Indian Government and it's judiciary.

I am embarrassed of being an Indian 😢

Author — Ben Thomas


They have not cremated body, they just vanished the proof only difference is this time the proof is vanished by "INDIAN POLICE"

Author — swapnil


Mean while this country's national medias are busy with the bollywood celebrities .

Author — D C


The best way to solve this problem : eliminate the caste system.

Author — Puruan Langit


You never will be a great country, if you don't know how to treat your women well!



Upper caste.. lower caste ... what’s the difference?? Does diamond run in the blood of upper caste people?!?

Author — yaisana yaikhom


The worst part about it is that it's not even surprising anymore, this happens every day in INDIA and many of the victims don't even report.It's definitely not a country for women!

Author — Ruby Khan


India should abolish the caste system and give equal rights to all it's citizen. What kind of a democracy country is this?

Author — Steven Wong


Hindu caste system is the most cruel, inhuman system. The whole Indian community suffer from graded inequality. Since Modi became PM, the violence against lower castes is surged, it's happening every other day in India. Dalit women are being targeted to subjugate and to create fear among the Dalit communities. It needs international community intervention.

Author — Uday Pednekar


For next 10-20 years, those 4 culprits are going to eat Chicken Biriyani inside prison from the taxpayers money.

Author — Karthik J


protest is useless, the Indian people should know only revolution can change the things in India

Author — Colin Yuan


There is more anger against the police as they tried to save the culprits and also cremated the dead body without the consent of the family.

Author — Ashutosh Saraswat


A country that doesn’t respect women is one without hope.
-Superpower 2020-

Author — Listen Learn


why is there high incidence of violent gang rape on India? this is scaring away tourists.

Author — starbeach


India is dangerous country for women among south asia.

Author — Rabin Waiba


As an Indian I am angry, ashamed and outraged at what happened. This is not the kind of India that I want people to think of as India. This not the kind of India that we envision for us and our children. Stringent actions will have to taken to set the precedence. The brazenness displayed by UP police is atrocious.

Author — Codetutor