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Super Bowl Stadium Trick Shots | Dude Perfect5
SUPER BIG trick shots in a Super Bowl stadium!
Special thanks to the NFL for sponsoring this video!

►Music by Zayde Wølf - "New Blood"

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Pound it. Noggin.
- Dude Perfect

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Pumped that y'all love Super Bowl Stadium Trick Shots!
Pound it. Noggin.

Author — Dude Perfect


Can you guys put a counter at the bottom of the screen to show how many attempts it took for the shot

Author — Feetus Deletus


How to make dude perfect video : throw something and scream

Author — Charlie Swandi


U guys should do a zero gravity trickshot video
If u agree press

Author — trying to get 100 subs without a vid Shafin


Why does dude use a glove to throw a football?

Author — Humanities Resistance


You know you're successful when NFL sponsores you
Great vid 💙

Author — Anoynamous Squirrel


Make a channel called dude decent and you post bloopers
Edit:or dude not so perfect

Author — William Lewis


Plz learn how do play afl then do videos

Author — Liam Pert


Cody has the most cringeworthy celebrations

Author — Bane The Husky


6:57 "we're so high" 😂😂 that's we need to go down

Author — Football Always / كورة دائمًا


Dude perfect for *50* Million by 2020! Make it happen..

Author — Sleepy Doggo


Dp with cold blood, then new blood, and will look for young blood:)

Author — Abhu Mankotia


Ty: this is like a stadium on top of the sta-
Cody: and I don’t like it
Lol I feel ya Codes

Author — MasterDoge987


Video: *almost 8 minutes*
Trying the trick shots: *almost 8 weeks*

Author — Normal Cat


98% of people won't read this, but

2% HAVE AN AMAZINGLY NICE DAY, don't forget to smile and stay awesome☺  LOVE & BLESSING💞 *from a small youtuber who would love some support!*

Author — ANA MAISY


0:04 the ball is ur finger.. The basket is the subscribe button

Author — SISIR Dass


Unfortunate how the actual Super Bowl turned out but amazing video

Author — Билли канал


That crossbar hit seemed impossible, idk how these guys do it 😐

Author — Van - Rod Lafortune


Sponsored by the NFL, my God have they gone far

Author — Edgy Baby


I want to see more panda in the videos

Author — tc craft