Turkish Forces Clash with Kurdish Women’s Militia in Syria

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Following the withdrawal of US troops, new clashes have begun in Syria.

The Turkish military are attacking fighters from the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit. There's been heavy fighting in the central border region. Some civilians have been killed and dozens more have been injured on both sides of the border.

Turkey says it aims to create a 32-kilometre-deep “safe zone” from its border for the return of Syrian refugees and push back Kurdish fighters, who have controlled the area since defeating Islamic State with the support from the US.

Around sixty thousand people have fled their homes in North Eastern Syria.

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Report by Sarah Solomon.

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none of the clips used was from the last operation lol

Author — dat Pianoguy


I have a HUGE respect for my brave kurdish sisters!💪
Love from your persian sis in iran❤❤❤

Author — Parysatis Sh697


I want to donate money to the Kurds to help in their effort to defend against Turkish agression. Where can you donate money?

Author — 4TheRecord


At the very least we should drop them supplies.

Author — Ross Martinez III


GREETINGS EARTHLINGs LOL, I always wanted to open like I was out of this world....I definatly think different then most...anyway...I honestly hope that all of you can find peace and happiness throughout your lives...many are so quick to throw their ideas out there I'm going to throw out one of mine...I view humanity as a large rock face, a cliff, every pebble in the cliff holds the structure together, some pebbles hold a little part of it but one thing for sure the more that crumbles at the base...more chances of the entire rock face sliding down destroying everything in its path...it doesnt matter where you live or your ideals this holds true...I do not believe in God ...Allah.... buddha etc...I do not consider myself atheist I won't be critical of your beliefs don't be critical of mine... I believe only in inner strength and positive and negative energy...nothing on this planet is ever at rest..there are forces always acting on everything...even if you are religious this will hold true for you...we are all, full of positive ( light ) and negative ( dark ) energies...I battle with this everyday...trying to stay positive in a world like this...man it's hard...if too much negativity is acting upon you life....you will bleed your positive energy...you will be very (dark)...you need to focus on anything positive you can...some day our rock face will crumble...keep positive so whe n all is said and done....we will finally be able to bury the negative and evolve...good luck fellow humans I hope you take the correct path of forgiveness, and understanding, tolerance...find strength in each other never let anyone control your mind...safe journeys...peace...

Author — George Chapman


Bizim kızlarda ancak pubg de savaşırlar.

Author — Furkan Can Tapkan


Brave Girls ✌🍀The Real Heros in this War

Author — marif celebi


Linsday Graham said YPG İs a terorıst group in 2016

Author — Cenk Dal


support kurdistan from palestine ❤🇵🇸❤kirdistan

Author — USS liberty


Those ladies have got damn good with an ATGM, you can't deny that.

Author — SIXITHS


Unless the Kurds partner with the Syrian govt. they’re not going to stand a chance. They lost any American support they had.

Author — anthony dinota


I'm so sorry my kurdish family. We will never forget. America has begun to crumble as a nation. Shameful america. Love from ireland.I'm so sorry my kurdish family. We will never forget. America has begun to crumble as a nation. Shameful america. Love from ireland.

Author — Shane Kinsella


For any nation seeking independence from a big country like Turkey, the support from a superpower is a must. But no superpower is available for Kurds at the present time. They were kind of naive to ally with USA, and they never got close with Russia. China could do nothing for them except an oral support because it doesn't wanna get involved in the far remote Middle East.

Author — George Smith


Kurds didn't fight ISIS. They wanted to invade Turkey with the help of US. Russia and IRANIAN republican army fought and defeated ISIS. US only strengthen the ISIS to stay in Syria. Kurds leader spoke supporting Turks. Watch TRT world. Ask why now covering syria. People died due to US and israel air strikes. Which news channel showed those.

Author — Mohamed Hijas


I would like go there anybody here form kurdish?

Author — Offshore Platform


Nice, strong Aryan Kurdish Women, ready to fight, and ready to be killed and to Kill the Enemy, like the Median descendants that they are, and the Amazon Women of Legend.

Author — Daemone Entheus


Kurd people, brave hearts!! God bless them in these hard and tragic days !

Author — Hrvoje Horvat


But kurdish were trained by US soldiers, they should be invincible

Author — Sadanosin Aizen


Lets go YPG another battle another win.

Author — hunter9306


Jung nahi kerni chahiye isse Islam Ko bahot bhari nuksan ho Raha hai .sorry