Watch: Pentagon video of raid that killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi

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The Pentagon released dramatic video and images showing the raid on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's compound after US President Trump announced last week that the leader of the so-called Islamic State had died.…

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Still there are Millions of Radical Islamists Jihadis are unable to digest this truth. well done USA SECURITY FORCES. Love and support from India.

Author — Gaurav


I would like to this kind of action on Mosques in the USA on any Friday at 6 PM.

Author — Dan Gabor


Big Respect! God bless America and American people! Love and support from Albania

Author — Mirditor Katolik


Sorry my bad English.
But at 00:08 is it an american soliders with there dog have been killed by misstake.
I see a dog running.
The grupp are havey armed and trying make it throw the Wall.
The are not ISIS.

Author — mtr Tech vy


What is happening here is a tragic case of friendly fire. Why would ISIS be creeping around outside their own compound rather than taking the high ground i.e the roof. These soldiers were trained their movements were to well coordinated to be ISIS fighters. The dog has me wondering too. Does ISIS use dogs? Other than for food? This footage troubles me.

Author — patrick beishir