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Iran's dating revolution: For the first time in its history, Unreported World visited Iran for a rare chance to look at the realities of life for young people there. In a country bound by strict Islamic law, more Iranians than ever before are staying single. The government is so concerned that it set up an online dating agency to which they gave us exclusive access. Shaunagh Connaire went to Tehran in 2016 to find out about dating, Iranian style.

This episode first aired on 13/05/2016.

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I felt too sad for Ali and zohre. But at the end of the film; It makes me happy. GOD bless both of them.

Author โ€” Sadia Khan Kasas


It must be pretty damn annoying constantly having old people tell you what to feel and think.

Author โ€” Dave Cullins


DYING ๐Ÿ˜‚ 5:35 when she admits to listening to illegal music all the Iranian moms look ready to eat her hahahahahahaaaa

Author โ€” Jacob Harris


Supposedly women in America have 10 boyfriends by college... I'm waiting

Author โ€” Sara H


The reporter is absolutely adorable with her child like fascination

Author โ€” Ridda Batool


10 boyfriends in highschool, And another 10 in college??
I was ripped off...send me those men please and thank you.

Author โ€” Emma B


I want to see foreign reporters documenting western societies.

Author โ€” bilaal


The US divorce rate is nowhere near 93%. What a load of garbage.

Author โ€” Lorie Lee


What I liked about this documentary is that the reporter didn't try to make them look like stupid or out dated because of how the do things, she was very respectful, I do not agree with the way they do it but I don't make them look stupid

Author โ€” Juan Torres


13 million singles and 250 marriages. That`s the result when state is trying to do what he shouldn`t.

Author โ€” casmon71


As an Iranian woman, I can say this documentary wasn't accurate, these kinds of marriages are too traditional and don't happen a lot, or at least I can say it's rare especially in younger & up to date generation at all.

Author โ€” saeedeh estaki


Are they looking for a husband or ATM machines .

Author โ€” Sam Fitt


10 boyfriends in highschool? Damn, maybe if I wasn't busy watching Kung Fu Panda I would've gotten exactly 10 boyfriends. No more, no less
Edit: Guys stop arguing with the CEO of China. He is Winnie the Pooh

Author โ€” ziggurat sauce


The reporter was more excited than the dating couple.

Author โ€” SH Team


'I'll hold into this ecstasy my whole life. As I already loved you before I lived''
That was the most romantic thing I have ever heard.

Author โ€” Psycho Diary


Lies I didn't date till I was 21, and I'm an American girl from a huge city.

Author โ€” veeVee bb


@19:49'' If you really loved her'' I know where she was going. This cracked me up real hard. This is something you expect from a Bollywood movie. Hillarious!

Author โ€” Vikram Nangia


the parents make things more difficult, adding extra rules which islam never asks for.

Author โ€” Sartorius


Iโ€™ve been to Iran many times, the dating and social life are exactly like us! We donโ€™t tell our parents everything, neither do they! Probably the friendliest, kindest, most welcoming people Iโ€™ve ever met!

Author โ€” Suzie Wong


"10 boyfriends in high school and another 10 in college??" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

At 30 years old I have enough trouble trying to find a man I can tolerate for more than 20 minutes. I didn't even have my first boyfriend until after I got my degree.

But dating 20 men over my lifetime?? FOR FREE?? I would go criminally insane.

Author โ€” Aja Christian