Madeleine Albright Says 'See Something, Say Something, Do Something'

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Madeleine Albright Says 'See Something, Say Something, Do Something'4.5
Former Sec. of State and 'Fascism: A Warning' author Madeleine Albright tells Stephen the warning signs of a strongman.

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*Lesley Stahl* on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: - We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?
*Secretary of State Madeleine Albright* - I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.
- 60 Minutes (5/12/96)

Author — themroc


2) Know what the hell you are voting for and against
3) Don’t allow outside influences to dictate what you should think; influences should inform, not dictate
4) If given a fair chance to work and autonomy, justice SHOULD return the FAIREST result (unless the judge was a Drumpf selectee of course)
5) News media is NOT the enemy of the people (unless that channel is actively pushing ONLY ONE VIEWPOINT)
6) It should never be forgotten this country was founded on CLEAR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

Author — Samsonian


Albright said 1/2 million dead was a price worth paying. She shouldn't be anywhere near a TV camera.

Author — steven durrant


After watching Trump meeting yesterday with his “war cabinet” looking like a dime-store Mussolini in a wig and basically claiming “I am the state” during his rambling, incoherent meltdown, a warning about the potential threat of fascism almost seems overdue.

Author — Martin Rayner


The words "worth it" will be on her tombstone. Saying (in 1996) that 500, 000 Iraqi child deaths due to sanctions was "worth it" was outrageous, but not for the reason you might think. The figure was almost certainly wildly inaccurate, based on faulty data, but the fact that she didn't question it when asked and seemingly dismissed the deaths of half a million children was, and still is, extremely concerning.

Author — Steve27775


"There is no strategy'" is the entire Trump playbook.

Author — New Message


Obama wanted to enforce his red line. congress wouldn't let him. last time i checked the power to declare war lies with congress.

Author — Tino J


Anyone describing this monster as an impressive, wonderful and elegant lady is clearly not aware of all the monstrosities she's committed. She is the devil incarnate! And before anyone confuses me for a Russian troll, you should know I'm a Serb. Remember when NATO's humanitarian intervention ironically dubbed “Merciful Angel” used depleted uranium munition and cluster bombs to murder civilians and destroy our infrastructure in defense of democratic values? This warmonger played a huge part in that.

Author — Marija Miladinovic


Hey Stephen, remember the tragedy that befell you when you were a teenager? Do you think Iraqi and Bosnian and Serbian children read the Lord of the Rings translated? Fascism in the u.s., the way you imagine it to be and the way it is portrayed and was in Europe and Latin America, will never happen. But the media uses it as a stick to manipulate liberals: "you see what's going to happen if you don't support xyz legislation/politician? Settle for mediocrity or face gulag". A dillema presented to a great part of the earth for decades, now turned towards the u.s. population.

Author — George Kafiridis


Personally, I can't believe people are being so quick to believe the Syrian govt is responsible for the chemical attacks. The timing on both this chemical attack and the last one is so very, very suspicious. This time it happened right after Trump said he wanted to pull out, and last time it was right after Trump said that removing Assad wasn't a priority anymore. In both cases, Assad using chemical weapons at that point would be nuts, but someone else using the weapons and trying to pin it on Assad would make sense. Doesn't anyone else find that really suspicious?

Author — Prog Nosis


Why would Assad do this when he is almost 100% free of ISIS. This is exactly what happened last time the president wanted to stop being an interventionalist. PS last time it was never proved to be Assad and was most likely rebels (mostly extremists). I think Assad is a POS and does abuse human rights, but this is clearly something done to draw the US back in. Stop repeating unfounded speculation that could lead us into a war with a nuclear state!

Author — look4lec


Bingo... Everytime a Republican blames obama for not doing one thing or another it will always be congress tied his hands down so they could

Author — Fred GFY Smith


Definitely NOT a fan of Albright .BUT SHE CALLED THIS is A FACIST DICTATOR

Author — nancy coole


She has got more smarts than that tin pot POTUS in oval office now.

Author — Joe C


Heed the warning.. This is not a game.

Author — Diggnuts


Madeleine Albright is a baby killer. The sanctions she enforced on Iraq on false a weapons-of-mass-destruction pretext killed half a million Iraqi children, according to U.N. figures. She, Clinton, Bush, etc. need to be put on trial.

Author — tantzer


"Democracy is under siege.... an authoritarian leader was elected.... in Turkey, in the Philipines, Poland, Hungary, in Venezuela taking place where fear is the main factor"
Isn´t that exactly what she is doing there?
How scary, people electing someone who is for the

Totally didn´t look staged....

Author — Frankish Empire


The commonality is money... elitists who have become more internationally connected and took the warning that people were rising up... and they are flexing their muscle.. by owning each political system.

Author — ursaltydog


Doesn't anyone think it's weird that EVERY time syria/russia is about to win the war, that they gas their own people to re-engage the whole world's war machine against them with new ferver?

Author — Adam Welle


Like or not, she is right. You need to listen to the people you disagree with, and try to see where their perspective is coming from.

Author — AxelSituation