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In this video, you’ll get started with Italian. You will discover the key points of Italian Grammar! This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Italian.

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Gonna go around telling everyone my name is consuelo

Author — Sophie Hernandez


day 27 of quarantine and now i'm trying to learn the italian language

update: i'm now learning multiple languages at the same time...it's hard, but it's possible.

update 2: i enjoy learning languages through being exposed to the cultures, shows, songs, etc. just studying thru books or study videos isn't fun and you def need exposure. i realized that language learning is a lifelong journey and it doesn't necessarily need a deadline. so enjoy it :)

Author — Estefany Louie


Me: learning how to speak italian at midnight



No one:

Literally no one:

Me after this video: CiAo SoNo cOnsUelo

Author — Daniele Modenese


Finally, I can begin my career in organized crime

Author — A. J.


Quarantine got me acting up, my name is italia and people ask me if I’m Italian I will learn how to speak it..

Author — Italia A


Consuelo: Scusa, sono in ritardo
My brain: That must mean "sorry, I'm a retard"
Consuelo: That means "sorry, I'm late"
Me: Ohh...

Author — Kri Ren


Just say, “Ciao, sono [your name] Piacere di conoscerti” Me: “Ciao, sono Aydan. Piagebnsjxhhsnskxoplmserti”

Author — Hawkify Roblox


I, Gabriela Giovanna, have a dream to learn Italian

Author — Gabriele Buccellati


For someone who speak Spanish and Portuguese this isn’t too hard for me to learn 😂.

Author — justsomeawesome dude


*gets an ad on why it’s terrible to learn a language on youtube*

Author — Espeon Tulips


I’m only here bc I’m tryna prepare for my future Italian his husband 💞

Author — Jacky Valenzuela


I came here to learn from watching Call Me By Your Name “ I will go to Italy in future and listen to mystery of love with my soulmate hehe 😉

Author — っっyそゆ


Only here because I have a crush on an Italian girl

Author — Cap G


When u have a crush on mattia and u have to learn Italian

Author — jocelyn mendez


Italian secret tip level 100.

"Ciao" can also be used to say "It's impossible/that could never happen" if paired with "Eh" before.

Did you get a raise?
Ti hanno dato un aumento?

That won't happen...
Eh ciao...

Author — Celtic Fox


SOMEONE: Do you speak Italian ?
ME : ciao, sono latifa piacere di conoscerti

Author — LA


I love how italian sounds when they speak

Author — It's Vox


When you learn Italian with the help of English speaking person even though you are not English speaking person 😂

Author — Alea Rose


When you're italian but still watching this: 🗿

Author — The Two Gamers