How To Budget Your Money

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In this video, I talk about how to budget your money. Let's face it, saving money can be challenging. However, learning how to manage your finances is one of the most important steps you can take to secure a positive future for yourself.

If you can't manage the money that you currently have, you will only get yourself into trouble down the road. By building healthy money habits now, I promise that you will be able to manage larger amounts of money in the future.

It's time to start worrying about money and start taking control of your finances. Are you ready to learn about a money management system that will show you how to budget your money?


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Hey Masters! Need help budgeting and managing your finances? This method is exactly what I did when I was struggling with money to get my finances in order. It’ll also give you the path towards getting out of debt and ensuring you’re setting yourself up for financial freedom. Enjoy!

Author β€” Project Life Mastery


This was extremely useful! Definitely will start to apply it now!
Thanks for the amazing content bro :D

Author β€” Alejandro Sifuentes


As a college student, this was more helpful than you know!!!

Author β€” Kayla Smith


How do you generate cash flow? How do you double your money if your 18-19 and make $1, 200 a month (300 a week)? I'm thinking of getting an investment house as I still live with my mother and not planning to move out any time soon.. I started reading Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, Rich Dad Poor Dad for teens, Rich Dad Poor Dad Becoming rich without cutting up your credit cards. Now I track where my money is going to determine if I’m spending money on things that don’t matter, making impulse purchases, or wasting money without even realising it… last year I wasted $5, 980 on McDonald's, entertainment, shopping, and Uber. I Don’t use card because you don’t see the money being taken out of my account whereas using cash it makes me spend less money because you think of all the hours spend making that money... I put the name of all my expenses on an envelope and put the money in cash into it and that's what I use to pay for everything For e.g. going out $40 monthly once the $40 is gone for the month I'm done going out. I also started putting money aside for a Rainy Day Fund (emergency fund), if something unexpectedly comes up this is where I can turn too so I won’t be in a position where I don’t have the money ($50-100). I use $150 monthly to pay for things ( use a app called Pocketbook to help me with my spending). I’m focusing on a goal, yearly goal, then break it into monthly goal, then daily goals for example investing in high income skills, skills which generate high income and study accounting to get an idea of how business works before getting into real estate. I'm also thinking about studying marketing, economics, shares, real estates, high return investments, online businesses etc I didn't know where to start. I want to have multiple streams of income by 23-25. Right now I'm learning about Asset and Liability and has gotten addicted to saving the right way.

β€œthose who don't manage their money will always work for those who do. Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”

Author β€” Shermta Sherman


That's why being an introvert is cheaper, because my definition of fun is sleeping, writing, learning or reading free online comics on my bed with a warm cup of tea xD

Author β€” Kiwi93


You are adding great value to many people needing guidance in life and in thinking. Thank you for your energy!

Author β€” ROCKSWOT


Of you want to start leaving your dream life you have to stop that paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Thank you for another banger ❀️

Author β€” Fillemon Shihepo - Ultimate Online Success


You are a great speaker because you speak from the heart. Thank you for your wisdom.

Author β€” Erik Skyler


This is so great!! Avoid debt at all costs, because it costs you so much in the long run.πŸ’Έ You don't have enough money to go into debt. πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

Author β€” Adulting with Shannon


Brother, if I went though my bank statements, it'll just be money withdrawals xD I gotta work on my money management as hell man.

Author β€” Twinkie Cakey


He is right. I did monthly check in with my finances and I slowly started spending more.Weekly is better even if its 10-15 mins.

Author β€” Ritza Francois


So much helpful practical information. Thank you for sharing! Good luck to you if you’re reading this and are on your journey to self mastery!

Author β€” Ivo Rubio


This has completely changed my money mindset. Thanks for sharing!

Author β€” Christine O'Prey


Great video ! I always talk about how to make the money on my channel but this is just as important ! Thanks for sharing !

Author β€” Stephen Dev Youtube Stuff


Speed of implementation as one of my coach would say..thank you!

Author β€” Christina Sayarath


OH Stefen.. God bless your beautiful soul! First off, thank you! You're truly a role model. 2nd I find it almost frightening how similar our mindsets and scenarios seem to be xD 3rd You're worthy of a statue for your contributions to humanity. Thank you for thinking of others and the betterment of humans. May good health follow you and your loved ones all your days.

Author β€” VoteForLennox


Thank you man for give this financial knowledge! Now is my time to put into practice.)

Author β€” Monex Loit


Budgeting can be hard but Ive helped other teachers on small incomes live a fulfilling life.

Author β€” Investing Teacher


Such an great thank you for your hard work ! It'd made me some great progress in my budget planning and had one or two future habits to my routine !

Author β€” Apolline LEDOUX


This is actually very helpful. I'm going through a divorce so learning how to budget my money is going to be a necessity for me. Thanks!

Author β€” Marlene A.