Trump Press Secy Can't Stop Humiliating Herself

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--Donald Trump Press Secretary and Senior Campaign Adviser Kayleigh McEnany can't stop humiliating herself, this time with appearances on Fox News' Hannity and Fox N' Friends

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Broadcast on November 18, 2020

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💬 Comments on the video

Kayleigh McEnany is an example of a shameless grifter. That's why she's an integral part of the grifter-in-chief's White House.

Author — Michael Humphrey


Kayleigh always seems to be talking like she’s in a hurry. She actually is in a hurry to tell the next Lie.
This whole administration has been like a psychopaths are us show.
Sadly there are people who watch Fox who totally buy into this bullshit.
I’m not sure I could stand 4 more years of this surreal circus but I also am disturbed that roughly half of the voters were okay with it continuing on.


Author — Michael Rief


he won't want to go to florida incase they change the locks while hes gone.

Author — Jae Mitchell


She's beyond embarrassing herself, being incompetent or negligent. She's a straight up killer now.

Author — Gregory Ruff


That stack of paper schtick is getting old. She's been waving it around for at least a week

Author — Michael Johnson


djtRUMP has NEVER "been hard at work" -- NEVER!!!

Author — Ginger Miller


New from Washington..
kay-LIE-gh Mc-ENEMY the president's barbie. "she will tell a lie every chance she gets" 🤫
and that's a guarantee.
(Batteries not included)

Author — Wild by Nature


"But where are the clowns - send in the clowns
Don't bother they're here" Honestly fun if not sad to watch...

Author — Sylvain Roy


Look these papers aren't blank, I'll read some of them to you...
"Lorem ipsum dolor..."

Author — SB Dunk


Let’s see who hires this shameless liar next year! “Everything Trump touches dies!”

Author — Ronald Giroux


Laugh is on her. They did certify. The papers she keeps carrying around to all those interviews are same fake papers presented before. Aren’t those the same papers that claimed a woman was dead and voted? She called in and did an interview that said she wasn’t dead.

Author — Katherine Chatham


can't we get her mom to slap her, she obviously hysterical

Author — Jacko Alltrades


Pssst, Sean—it’s not the pages that are blank.

The dirty water is circling the drain...

Author — Ray Stanczak


I cant tell if she's like brainwashed and believes what shes saying or if she is just lying through her teeth....

Author — old lady falling


These people are completely unstable. They all need straight jackets. Hannity needs meds and straight jacket too!

Author — Donna


Kayleigh isn’t McEnany sense! She’s got a terminal case of “LIABETES”! 🤣

Author — Quantum Technician


She actually thought that by taking this position that it would boost her career and push her higher up the ladder.

Author — MissaRosa


What a horrible legacy she leaves behind for her daughter. Awful lady!!

Author — C R


Trump doesn't want to leave because he thinks he's going to be locked out upon his return LMFAO

Author — JAY DUBB


It's called propaganda machine. Don't bother! We all can spend time for better things.

Author — avatar