Fighter Jet Almost Lands Too Early

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This is Weekly Dose Of Aviation #28

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The second one honestly look kinda pretty when the sand goes up

Author — Yunnn


The traffic controller in 1:50 would have freaked out, seeing two dots merge

Author — Libertin Nijel


1:20 Imagine your 8 year old son was swimming in their and then all of a sudden that helicopter comes and picks him up

Author — Nathan B Ring


Lesson: Don't be fooled. Aircraft tugs are the real threat.

Author — Life with Nick and Hayley


2:05 how the hell does that happen they literally have so much room lmao

Author — Will White


@2:05 "This is how the real men play chicken"

Author — NIO420.69


lucaas: " All the sources will be linked down below."
Me: realizing there is no sources.

Author — Heather Rosene


1:53 that almost looks like the ocean.

Author — Eric Statler


0:27 it's a Turkish jet and its named "solo turk"

Author — Darth Vader


Me in 2nd grade after watching “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) and thinking this is how it looked after I left a room: 0:42

Author — Queen of Random Things


He never almost early landed it’d called a low pass he was entertaining the crowd

Author — Danyaal Hussain


First F16 is Turkish acro team Soloturk who shows how could be a real low pass ))

Author — Umut Samuk


0:23 Me when I hit my pinkie from foot.

Author — RyanAir Airlines


2:30 Pilot: "Damn that was close. Imagine we had taken off like this. Now I need a smoke for my nerves..."

Author — Ralph Bernhard


1:18 don’t mind me I’m just taking some of your water. Nothing to see here

Author — Dmitry Molotov


Imagine your kid getting kidnapped by a helicopter when he is chillin in da pool

Edit: 2000 likes, mates !
Thank you! First joke I post on YouTube - clearly wasn't expecting that support !

Author — Gorann Lpd


2:04 nah their just playing bumper cars

Author — duck


0:40 That would look so cool to see that dust flying all around you.

Author — The Apocalypse


"This F-18 does a vertical takeoff" That "F-18" is a Blue angel, its what they do lmfao

Author — SaMotion Studios


Helicopter got disconnected from the tow

Workers: we're screwed

Author — Attalia Lee