Italy passes China in coronavirus deaths

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On Thursday, Italy's Civil Protection Agency reported more than 3,400 deaths related to the virus.

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“Italy passes China in ‘KNOWN’ corona virus related deaths”

Fixed the headline for you.

Author — Big Gus


Ya tiene 4000 mil muertos, con 627 nuevos hoy

Author — Arianny Liriano


I wouldn’t believe anything from China



If you think that the CCP has reported even a small fraction of their death tiotal you are blnd to history, both of the past few months and in the decades since they seized power.
It already coming out through leaked official party documents that the current reporting of infection numbers is off by a factor of 20.

Author — Ken Barney


Hey viewers tomorrow is not promised to no one death toll will rise go to congregation of smyrna website click on videos this is with love

Author — May Tate


Fake news, no virus at all in China, just annually population control, at least 114514 people are removed. So you guys not in china no need worry, just go outside and enjoy your life.

Author — GA MA