Gowdy on Roger Stone charges, Dems' progressive push in 2020

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Gowdy on Roger Stone charges, Dems' progressive push in 20204.5
The former House oversight chair speaks out on the Russia probe and the upcoming presidential election. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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List of people who lied to Congress and the FBI
1. Bill Clinton
2. Hillary Clinton
3. James Clapper
4. Cheryl Mills
5. Susan Rice
6. Barack Obama
Ect ect ect

Author — Dirk Diggler


So glad that lying to congress gets an indictment... So now we can expect the same for Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Brennan, Strzok and Clapper.

Author — pawpaw pawpaw


Why do people keep calling them Progressive Democrats? They're Communists.

Author — Michael


I’m still stuck on CNN being informed by Mueller’s team the day and time of Roger Stone’s arrest. FBI is completely corrupt.

Author — Betsy Ross


The most important thing is STILL NO COLLUSION from anybody except Hillary Clinton.

Author — ekphotography


In cases like Rogers if you take the gov to court and win you should have all your money spent in your defence reimbursed. The gov can just take you to court and their is no risk to them even if they are wrong. Its political bullying.

Author — JP Duffy


When is Clapper going to be charged? Plenty of intent to deceive.

Author — Charles Williams


The fact CNN was on scene of the arrest is very troubling to me.. not the biggest Stone fan but still.

Author — Scotty P


Mueller's got NOTHING. Except a 20-month record of prosecutorial misconduct.

Author — Fraidy Cat


So Hillary Clinton broke the law knowingly knowing what she did was illegal but because James Comey says she did not have intent she gets a free pass. Because people's memory isn't the freshest it's a crime not to remember. I don't think remembering is a crime compared to knowingly and actually committing a crime and I'm actually talking about Hillary. Hillary actually committed a crime Rodger did not commit a crime . Hillary has actually violated and broke the law. Hillary set emails on a government server yet that's espionage. Plus working with the the Russians on uranium is also espionage taking funds from foreign government selling our resources is also a violation against the law. because someone's opinion she did not have intent to break the law she gets a free pass. While someone that is 66 years old but not the sharpest memory gets indicted. Where was the arrest for Hillary Clinton how come she never got arrested. Rodger Stones indictment charges are flat-out ridiculous. There's actually no factual information. Because he does not remember the sharpest testifying in court to something that he may have been wrong about... It's not a chance in the world should have been indicted. Technically Hillary had lied in court testify under a grand jury and lie how come she never got locked up for lying

Author — Jeff Neely


The pre dawn raid with the FBI in full tactical gear and guns drawn is a stain upon our justice system. Mueller is right out of a dirty cop film and desperately wants to make his career on the backs of the innocent. Shame on the DOJ. Shame on the FBI.

Author — Art Curious


Telling the truth isn't giving up President Trump. He just won't lie to stop Mueller from coming after him. Stone said he amended statements when he went back and looked at emails and realized he was wrong. He is 66, he can't remember exactly what happened and not many of us can without looking at past emails. Maybe everyone who is questioned by Mueller should just say I don't remember like Hillary did

Author — Carol W


Hussein, Crapper and Brennan spied on everybody for years. They have everyone's secrets! That's why they're still roaming this earth free

Author — Anthony M


Trey Gowdy is compromised. Simple as that.

Author — Jim Keys


The purpose of this is to intimidate anyone who may be thinking about supporting a republican president. The democrat supporters in positions of power are using the power of the state to subvert US democratic processes. Treason.

Author — Touay


I remember when Gowdy was highly respected and his opinion carried

Author — Jaime G.


Amazing how if you are republican you are held accountable word for word. Demos seem to forget and get a pass.

Author — Frantic


Joe biden is on tape at the oval office assualting children, touching thier chests and putting his hands over their mouths and wispering only God knows what in to thier ears.
Probally something like, "no one will ever believe you"!

Author — Vin Commons


Does everyone know that Trey Gowdy was a Bill Clinton Appointee? Look it up.
Then think to yourself about all of Trey Gowdy's Greatest Hits. Benghazi, Rosenstein, etc etc...

Author — Darkstar


So when are they going to indict Hiliary? The biggest liar of them all!

Author — katden220