Shapiro: Beto is toast, Buttigieg stole all of his momentum

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Is Beto O'Rourke's campaign already over? Reaction and analysis from Ben Shapiro on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker #FoxNews

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Don’t forget about Andrew Yang!!! He was on your show

Author — Armando Castillo


Come on Ben, you literally interviewed Andrew Yang!

Author — IStillLikeIke


Beto is the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz reincarnated. A spindly buffoon, with his arms flailing around wildly, singing "if I only had a brain"

Author — Gerry Fkno


Fox News should stop disabling the comments section on certain stories based on the content, such as those about Jussie smolllett or Ilhan Omar.

Author — Travess Wolford


The end? When did the O'Rourke clown ever have a chance? He's a buffoon.

Author — Warren Ray Ledbetter


How was Andrew Yang not mentioned during this interview?

Author — danzna


"Biden doesn't have enough thoughts to be a thought leader" ZING! that's hilariously true.

Author — Light Dancing


Shapiro says... with a straight face "Biden doesn't have enough thoughts to be the thought leader..." 😏👍

Author — Daniel Howard


Ben "In Just a Second but FIRST" Shapiro. 😄😄

Author — Petra Senoté


Andrew Yang is exactly the person they are talking about that would sweep everyone up.

Author — 椰子刺し武蔵


It's weird how both Shapiro and Tucker have talked to and interviewed Andrew Yang, agree with many of his policies and ideas and have praised him for considering things that no one else talks about, but failed to mention him even once when talking about the candidates.

Author — Alucian Lucida


Andrew yang fills that “not crazy” box I think...

Author — FoodLiquorCool


Tulsi Gabbard is probably the most “mind of her own” candidate on the left

Author — Danie Bello


I love that when Shapiro and Tucker talk about Buttigieg's other qualities that make him better than Beto, they fail to mention him being a Harvard educated Rhodes scholar and war veteran. That is ridiculous.

Author — Chris Bergin


“Joe Biden doesn’t have enough thoughts to be a thought leader”.

I love how he just destroyed Biden so casually without skipping a beat or calling attention to it. Just brutal and beautifully brilliant.

Author — David Richards


Who’s stupid enough to vote for the left??

Oh yeah.. Demo Rats

Author — Dumb Shit


Glaring miss here was Andrew Yang...come on Ben.

Author — Steve Wyer


The thing I absolutely love about Ben Shapiro is that his voice sounds EXACTLY like he looks.

Author — James Daly


_"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..."_
-Thomas Jefferson

Author — J. Gona


until his "I'm coming for your ar speech", I would love to just say, come get my ar and ak..

Author — Hazard1nc Gaming