Fears of second wave in China - as questions continue about origins of coronavirus - BBC News

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Millions of people in China’s capital Beijing are living under renewed restrictions, as a surge in coronavirus cases leads to fears of a second wave of the disease. Around the world new cases are still rising sharply.

The pandemic is thought to have originated on the 1st of December 2019 when a man in Wuhan was taken ill and later identified as a victim of Covid-19. It was widely reported that the virus had originated in a market where live animals are sold for human consumption.

But rational debate about the origins of the virus has been made more difficult by a propaganda war between the US and China, with each country accusing the other of being the source.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from John Sudwoth, who has returned to Wuhan to look at the latest evidence about the origins of coronavirus.

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The problem is not a virus, but the people manipulating or managing it.

Author — Ant


Let me guess they haven't got rid of the wet markets have they...

Author — the jewish baker


Power male egos. Psychopath mentality. Government taking control. Say goodbye to your freedom, not that we ever had it in the first place.

Author — Me


“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” ― Edward R. Murrow

Author — Parminder Grewal


More countries should be stopping reporters just like that because the media just keep on spreading shit

Author — Steve B


Propaganda war, that's the right one!

Author — juan wallace


BBC now taking conspiracy theories seriously? Shock 😳

Author — Sahir Islam


I'm afraid this second 'wave', can only manage the one finger this time round.

Author — Saint John


It's too late for an international investigation they probably hid or destroyed all the original samples

Author — Fam Ous


I have read the scientific paper the BBC refer to and it says that from their studies it is impossible to rule it out whilst also saying that it was unlikely to be genetically manipulated because the sequence is unknown, i.e. the bit they are supposed to have inserted is not stock RNA. However what they omit to say is that RNA strands can be manufactured from scratch using a machine to any sequence you program into the machine. The point being is the BBC is selective here in quoting the paper. My view is it probably did not come from that Chinese lab because you do not go and infect your own community. It could have come from a different lab though. Even a terrorist organisation could buy the machinery you would need, although the difficulty in this in knowing how to modify the RNA. There are huge numbers of permutations of the 4 nucleotides in a 32K sequence. The Chinese official position is they do not know its origin as well. It's only Trump making accusations on an official level. The BBC is an unreliable reporter!

Author — Andrew C



Author — marlon wong sy


another wave coming here to the uk for the autumn/winter i bet

Author — motorhead 77


Oww my God second wave attack, this is warning for arround the world from the mainland

Author — rajna yukas


Want to Make a Lie Seem True? Say It Again. And Again. And Again

Author — lee roden


The Deep State Activated World Wide - Human Sheep, Souls removed, turned into Borg- The New World Order - Enslavement Normality. 1984 is Activated. Bill Gates Poison Vaccines free with a body bag ( Mantatory) The Depopulation of Human Beings!

Author — John Hadleigh


Why do they disinfect the outdoors? I'm sure it's a clue .

Author — Bold Attitude


It’s the propaganda and lies of the MSM globally that is the problem

Author — T- Dogg


January 2020: wanna see me do a trick?
June 2020: wanna see me do it again?

Author — TheSpeedBoy


More lies from the cult that are pushing this fake Covid 1984 plandemic hoax!!

Author — Clan Gunn Bushcraft


2022 after vaccination failures we are now facing wave 10 of the 666 virus

Author — David Street