2020: A Year in Review

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As we look back on 2020, we remember a year dominated by a staggering loss of life across the world. But it’s a world still filled with courage, compassion and heart.

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2020: A Year in Review

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It's weird there are children born after 9/11 that will never know what it was like and there will be young people born after the pandemic that will have no idea what it was like either.

Author — Nick S


2020: A Year in Review from an American Perspective

Author — Leander Knapp


Im waiting for future generations to study this year

Author — BenComedy 2020


Youtube: I Skip YouTube Rewind.
Time: Fine, I Will Do It Myself.

Author — Ryker Edits


We really took 2019 for granted, and the worst thing is we didn’t know.

Author — Sugar Blast


I can't stand the fact that this is already the end of 2020

Author — Alexis Trompe


I’m a nurse and 2020 has been such a year I can’t comprehend. It’s so discouraging having people mock our profession by clapping at 7 pm but not wearing masks outside, watching people die every single day. We get no help, no mental assistance. Clap for healthcare heroes but they laugh in our faces and fellow nurses refuse the vaccine. This year has put so many of us in such a low mental place it’s hard to comprehend and we’re begging for help and nobody is giving it to us.

Author — Colleen Mears


This year will forever be reminded as year of changes.

Author — John Dave Mabánta


2020 is a legendary year and will be written in history permanently.

Author — Barron Shelley


Let's just hope 2020 isn't the frying pan and 2021 is the FIRE.
Let's hope the worst is behind us and the better times are ahead.

Author — Stephanie Drake


holy shit... we actually made it to December... at one point this year, I didn't think we would see December...

Author — Garnet Fire


if your reading this,

here's a hug

Author — Hannah


POV its 2070: "POV your learning this for history class"

Author — Queen Victoria


Imagine if we watched this on New Years Eve 2019.

Author — Ballin


If you live to December 31st 2020, you are a truest strong human ✊

Author — Kosmae Stardust


debating everything, doubt everything
A year of conspiracy theories blooming

Author — EL Norton


“We learned how to put others before ourselves.”
Did we? I always believed that in trying times we’d pull together and have each other’s back. This year has shaken that belief as I’ve seen ya people are dying but it doesn’t affect me so why should I care. It’s been a rough year in more ways then one.

Author — NoGoodNames20


....It sucked.

There, saved you two minutes.

Author — C Sing


You should’ve included that attacked Ukrainian airplane filled with students and families😞

Author — Bluish Grey


A year of struggle and stupidity

Author — XR Max