Facebook takes down Pres. Donald Trump reelection ads featuring hate symbol

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CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on why Facebook has removed President Trump's election advertisements.

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💬 Comments on the video

Politics in 2020 is like watching kids in a kindergarten.

Author — WhosYourDaddyNow


..the whole time she makes an upside down triangle with her hands

Author — The Teller


I only clicked this video to see if her head was really that big.

Author — Keyshell


And yet Facebook still routinely allows antisemitic and pro-Hitler hate speech even after it's been reported.

Author — The Fruitcake Munchers Club


So. Is the “ok” sign with your fingers is a hate sign. Says who? Who’s the person who. Ow tells the world what’s a hate sign and what’s not?

Author — GOOSE


I’ve never seen our nation this divided during election year...and im a really really old dude.

Author — Phong Ly


ITT: "It's German for the Bart, the"

Author — The Name I Want


Im seriously proud of you all waking up. Stay focused and lighthearted. they've only begun their desperate bid to be the arbiters of truth. Its gonnna be a hotttt

Author — Marcus Elgart


OMG WTF is happening lol I’m sure everyone is getting tired of this stuff

Author — Sweeps6334


bruh I fr thought her head was photoshopped onto her body

Author — Maggie Needham


LMAO...Looks like Facebook's good with 'Disorganized Hate', though...

Author — mark prater


It's always Nazi week on the History channel.

Author — Martin Honan


At this point, this news looks like an unironic knockoff of the Onion.

Author — SGpro


Meanwhile, we never see the advertisement...

Author — kara lynn link


"And it all comes fact that its voting season. There I fixed it for you.

Author — westward bound


I despise Trump, but CNBC or Facebook ain't making themselves look good here...

Author — Joel Morel


Most ad's i get is about signing trumps "birthday card" or signing stuff for him.

Author — RKM Music


The "I" in Trident chewing gum is dotted with an inverted red triangle. Boycott the Trident gum Nazis immediately!

Author — Skyhawk _452


0:15 This lady looks like one of those Wii characters you can customize ... All with a big head 🤣

Author — Da To


First Twitter and now Facebook. I find this hilarious 😂 🤣 actually.

Author — Support your Troops & Athletes