Apple September 2020 event in 12 minutes

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Apple’s “Time Flies” event is over, bringing some new hardware. Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 6 with blood oxygen monitoring and a more affordable Watch SE. The company also unveiled an all-new iPad Air with an edge-to-edge display and an A14 Bionic chip as well as a new eighth-generation iPad. Here’s everything from the hour-long event in 12 minutes.

0:00 — Intro
0:10 — Apple Watch Series 6
1:23 — Watch Faces & watch bands
2:48 — Family Setup
4:23 — Apple Watch SE
5:22 — Apple Fitness+
8:27 — Apple One
9:10 — iPad 8th Generation
10:27 — iPad Air
11:26 — A14 Bionic processor

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Which announcement are you excited about from the Apple event?

Author — The Verge


I’ll switch to iPad when they have final cut pro on it

Author — Mark Santos


The whole ecosystem sounds rather expensive.

Author — Deep Lahiri


Imagine having your kid in class and having to tell the teacher “make sure his apple watch is in yellow ring mode the whole day!”

Author — Hambrone


Yet people think vaccines are a ploy to implant us with chips lol

Author — Twiistz


Apple is so determined to hook people on SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES 🤦‍♂️

Author — Striker 50


2009: There's an app for that
2020: There's a watch face for that

Author — Michael Nguyen


Everytime i watch apple event ...i d be like okay i ll buy next year 🤣

Author — dipesh kumar gadiya


Finally announced USB-C on ipad air.
iphone users: ...(Heavily breathing)

Author — its My Jam


that fitness guy sounds like abella danger and i dont like how it’s making me feel

Author — Cooked Dog


Don't have to pay extra on type - C 😂😂

Author — Raja R


I'm watching this for when I get one used five generations later.

Author — Noob Nooby


Apple: “An all new, completely redesigned IPad Air”
Me: that’s basically the iPad Pro 11 2018 body with worse internals

Author — Joseph Yang


Challenge: Every time they say, "excited" or any of its synonyms, take a shot

Author — Usman Faridi


I wasted my time waiting for the iPhone 12

Author — Tevislin


The Apple fitness guy sounds like he loves his cigs Lol

Author — Elijah Wood


Kids, don’t forget to keep ur watches in ur bedrooms every time u sneak out 😅

Author — Duran


I love whoever put this together. I can do Apple’s hourlong ad / sad stories that try to get me emotionally invested in the product.

Author — SebastianTheGreat


Next year: iPad Mega super pro

It’s a bit faster and has 3 more cameras!

Author — Can I get 50k subs with videos?


That "fitness guy" never did fitness in his life.

Author — Doni Siciliano