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WATCH: From Trump's mind-numbing ‘Axios on HBO’ interview to Julia Louis-Dreyfus turning night 4 of the DNC into a full-on Trump roast, these were the most watched stories in politics of August 2020.

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There should definitely be a fact checker during the debates. Especially when you have a pathological liar like Trump, who is incapable of telling the truth, on any level.  And I believe that Axios reporter Jonathan Swan should be the official fact checker during the debates.

Trump: "You know, there are those that say, you can test too much. You do know that?"

Swan: "Who says that?!"

Trump: "Just read the manuals."

Swan: "What manuals?!?!"

Trump: "Read the books."

Swan: "WHAT BOOKS?!?!

Trump: "Read the tea leaves."


Trump: "Read the brochure."


Trump: "Read the scrolls."

Swan: "WHAT SCROLLS?!?!"

Trump: "This interview's over."

Trump tried his best to gaslight Jonathan Swan into simply accepting that the absurdities he was spewing were true.  Jonathan Swan wasn't having it!!!

Author — David J


They literally print a bar graph for this man child. 😂📊

Author — Re Ply


Nothing honorable about any of the members of the Trump administration!

Author — Anusha Reddy


Trump- “When I took over, we didn’t even have a test.“

Swan- “Wait, why would you have a test? The virus didn’t exist.”


Author — David S. Pumpkins


Trump conned his way into the presidency but now we know who and what he really is not a leader and he is a disgrace of a commander in chief. Just look at how terrible our country is doing right now.

Author — David


"lower than the world... What does that mean?" 😩😩😂😂🤣

Author — Keri Van Atta


Jesus, I thought Biden would get destroyed in the debates but now I think he will do really well. Trump sounds like a rambling lunatic.

Author — The Hickory Hutch


He says he has done more for the black community but he doesn’t know who John Lewis is, an American statesman and civil rights leader ?

Author — ISO Sebryl


And nearly half of the US population still rooting for Trump...It is so terrifying to think what kind of person those people are.

Author — robotbuno


Trump is making a fool out of himself during this interview what a loser

Author — Anthony D'Agostino


Did he just say he reads better than anyone else? I mean come on. Is this a 2nd grade competition? I’m expecting him to say nana nana boo boo at the end.

Author — Megan Yeager


Trump is a Demagogue that appeals to the Lowest common Denominator ---- Stephan Hawking

Author — Tonto Gonzales


The sign in front of him says The honorable DeJoy🙄 What a effing JOKE!!

Author — Bente Karlberg


Dejoy is deliberately dismantling post office

Author — Cecilia Lamson


The post master needs to be cuffed and arrested for tampering with the mail.

Author — Gerard Ahern


The very things that the RNC accused the DNC of is literally what they are doing right NOW.

Author — Dana Dickerson


This is trumps America. We’re supposed to believe it will be better if we reelect him, that makes no sense at all.

Author — June Terry


When you elect a clown the circus comes to town.

Author — rainer gartz


Trump is a freaking liar and always have been,

Author — Rixanne Trudelle


"Ive done more for the African Americans except for maybe Abe Lincoln, look I even took out full page ads to help ensure 5 on them had room and board covered!" Draft Dodging Donnie!

Author — Aussie Atheist