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How is jaywalking a thing? What’s up with food fights? And why is the Happy Birthday song so sad? Trevor tells the audience eight stories about things in America that have surprised him.
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i feel like trevor noah is the cool older cousin who tries to distract us when our parents ugly fight

Author — Jes Larcy


He's not wrong, "Happy Birthday" sounds like a goddamned funeral march.

Author — Nieru


I want to learn the birthday song that he grew up singing.. it's so upbeat.

Author — Stephanie Logan


The birthday song does sound like a death song.

Author — Subscribe to an Egg


Both my kids when they were babies and we sang at their first birthday “happy birthday” cried hysterically and we’re so sad and now I really understand why😂😂😂

Author — chaos.and.crafts


Has Trevor heard the Russian birthday song, because that's literally what the lyrics are like. One year older, one year closer to death.

Author — Stephanie M


"We are starving in Africa! Why are they wasting food?!"

Author — Comrade Clyde


I adore him.
He says "Volkswagen" the correct way, with a German tongue (as it is a German word), then re-says it for the Americans in their dialect. 14:16

Author — YOLA RESA


I am a proud South African...they will actually come after 4 hours claiming they couldnt find your street🤷

Author — Zandi2512 ZaZa


Caller: “There’s a man in the park... he looks suspicious.”
Police: “Okay, go and ask him what he is doing.”

Author — Joe R M


As an African i was always uncomfortable with the food fights scenes too.

Author — tânia santos


Anyone else *SHOOK* when Trevor seamlessly switched to the American Accent? 6:18
Edit: His accent game is strong

Author — Matthew Murray


"You shouldn't accept that the people in power cannot do their job, there's no other industry where we would allow that to happen."
I love this man. ❤

Author — Sara Ferrandina


"Let the cat suffer it will never do it again"
Exactly how my parents raised me.

Author — Just Kosmos


as a kenyan i HATE when in a movie they have platters of food for breakfast then someone takes a bite and says " honey i got to dash for work" kisses his wife and leaves... WHAT!

Author — ben mbaria


We need a Truth and Reconciliation Committee in America like they had in South Africa.

Author — David Larson


Fantastic therapy thank u, for making a old black guy laugh so HARD, my Dentures flew out of my mouth.

Author — Carl Lammy


"Neymar, he is very strong", someone puts a finger on him and he breaks his legs.

Author — Gustav Albers


I tried calling fire dept to get my cat out of a tree. They said “we just do that in the movies”. My ex had to climb the tree and get him down

Author — D


In Nigeria, a joke about the police is that they close by 6pm for "security reasons".

Author — Laotan Faji