Drone attack on Saudi oil: How safe are global supplies? | DW News

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Drone strikes on Saudi Arabia's largest Aramco oil plants have slashed the world's supply of oil by five percent overnight. But while Houthi rebels from Yemen have claimed responsibility, the US has pointed the finger at Iran for the attack.

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Killing thousands of Yemenis it's okay, but it's not okay to hit an oil refinery because it affects the oil prices. F**k the Saudis and the world leaders!!

Author — Sam A


Oh gosh. We are worried about oil more than the people bombed in Yemen by saudis everyday

Author — Sub Ab


Spoiler alert : Saudis bought +$400 Billion in weapons from the USA and they still can’t stop a $200 drone?

Author — Phil McGroin


When you genocide Yemenis for years, don't be surprised when they fight back.

Author — P T


i mean, the Yemeni Houthis have the whole right to do this as long as Saudi Arabia attack their country, very simple

Author — Zeko Azar


Fun fact : Saudis has the third largest military budget in the World.

Author — Zeeshan Niazi


Its was just a propoganda to increase the price of oil and blame it to Iran to fight with them in

Author — saad khan


Fun fact what better way to raise oil and gas prices

Author — Otis Griffih


Another 9-11 false flag attack. I see war on the horizon. Iran to be blamed. And will pump up oil price. Hitting two birds with one stone.

Author — Jose Feliciano jr.


what happened to the Patriot defense system? Cannot stop houti drone, how to stop russia and chinese missiles..

Author — Mortadza Mohsen


Those Saudis deserve whatever bad thing came their way, rs

Author — Rolando Sierra


This guy can't even answer questions directly. He should be an American politician. He would fit in great.

Author — Jonathan C.


This is great news for the world. May the Saudis collapse.

Author — CekeCeke BamBam


MBS can't even murder a journalist. Its amateur hour in KSA.

Author — 2001lextalionis


Who cares? The Saudis are not innocent anyway, they are killing innocent children in a daily basis.

Author — John Goodman


Interviewer: So, President Trump, what country are you trying to start a war with?
Trump: Iran.
Interviewer: And when you were drafted for Vietnam what did you do?
Trump: I RAN!

Author — Henry Calvin Ajax


Maybe you should start giving your Zakat to Yemeni instead of starving them?

Author — Agatha Joanna


Show this but but don't show what S happing in Yemen all courrupt,

Author — gav doyle


seems like the maximam pressure (sanctions ) is not working on iran and now the US think to finde another way and make other accusations on iran for a war

Author — munir frehmand


By Pompeo's logic not Saudi Arabia wages war against Yemen but the US as it's US weapons which kill people in Yemen. He may be on to something.

Author — Michael Kahr