BREAKING: ABC News Insider Leaks Hot Mic Video to Project Veritas – Part 1

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"we had clinton". what did you have on clinton? ....NOTHING.

Author — Trumpenstein


And THIS is why you never trust Mainstream media news stations, kids.

Author — Ocean Redux


If she truly has all this info on Epstein and everything and everyone around him, Amy needs to watch her back now!

Author — Sean Dodge


I'm sorry to hear of Amy Robachs suicide next week - Hillary Clinton

Author — 01


So YouTube is trying to hide this? Jesus Christ.

Author — yue vang


She cares so much about all the children that were abused....you can tell.. LOL

Author — NewWorldMoney


Funny, it says this had a 1000 comments! Now, I only see 63! Even google masters is trying to hide this story! What a disgrace!

Author — J cvb


SLOWLY the truth is coming out. God is helping us. Make American Citizens Good AGAIN!

Author — cj smith


Amy Robach your life just got more complicated..we need to see all you have

Author — George Enright


ABC ist part of the problem

Author — Rudi Huber


We ALSO had it all, three years ago. We didn't need the mainstream media to tell us.

Author — Steve Cox


The Clintons and all of the powerful men she is talking about are going to do what ever it takes to take all of them out. Every last one of them will commit "suicide" now

Author — Edwin Russe


This is amazing. Who are this woman's bosses? Epstein was murdered by powerful people for sure. Bill Clinton was on the Lolita Express 28 times.

Author — Benjamin Levine


Palace found out we had her whole allegations. Then yea it was shut down

Author — A H


James should go after “the Palace” next. ABC gave up a story about bill clinton being a pedophile just so they can get an interview with will n Kate for a stupid fluff piece. One day these ppl won’t be able to walk the streets...

Author — Surfer Chick


ABC Prez. Goldston. hmmmm GOLDSTON. You make the call.

Author — David D


They are all protecting each other..not for long though..

Author — Nik Karel


Jesus please put angels around her keep her safe!

Author — gottaloveit gottaloveit


This better make it to Tucker Carlson Tonight or Hannity. We’ve finally found the machine we must rage against. We found our smoking fun. It’s time for liberation.

Author — God Emperor Pepe


Understandable her expressing how emotionally "pissed" she was in the aftermath of doing all the hard yard work on the low down confident to claim having the inside scoop on any scandal let alone this particular matter to only later lose first mover advantage by her own MSM network editors disallowing going live with the story given apparent caution to avoid upsetting the rich & powerful supposedly implicated by verifiable evidence clearly linking them to a convicted human sex trafficker and no doubt pivotal consorting agent 4 enabling highly illicit illegal activity, Epstein the procurer, and cowing to this threat posed by the not insignificant force of such formidable external sources of pressure the network editors erring on the side of caution allowed 3 years to slide by the network sitting on the story vis a vis proactively deciding not 2 air the material and with it a material ratings boost opportunity to be recognised as first go public breaking details of there investigative journalism investment into said scandalous story so to repeat her disappointment in reaction is, notwithstanding the degree of empathy (if any) she may feel for a central element of the scandal storyline being the scores of abused "victims", despite not qualifying her emotions to remark about the tragedy of stting on the storyn in delaying justice for the victims so on and so forth, putting this glaring omission aside her expression of utter disappointment is totally understandable coming from a competitive person trying to get ahead in her career in the 4th estate which protected by legal privilege to protect & incentivise (in theorynonly) such like investigative shining a light on corruption field of journalism endeavor which in the advent of fake news awareness fueling a record level of cynical public perception in MSM that would probably automatically assume scant commitment by MSM networks to real investigative journalism dept budgets hence the lack of spotlight on any sphere of power these days based on the level of known corruption that goes unreported and vice versa the recent experience and lengths taken by the establishment bureaucracy to close out an outsider like Trump whon somehow gets through the previously impenetrable DC swamp screen !!

Author — jarsh charty