10 Massive Dam Failures CAUGHT ON CAMERA

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10 Massive Dam Failures CAUGHT ON CAMERA

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Dude casually throws out “don’t be surprised to hear about Three Gorges Dam collapsing in the next few days” as if that wouldn’t be the greatest engineering failure in the history of man

Author — Reed Mcclain


Engineer: aight imma build a dam
South America: imma about to end this whole man's carrer

Author — Francisco Almeida


People with boat in their garages
“Hell yeah now we’ve got business”

Author — Rick Astley


i love how the kiev explosion victims are just standing like, "well I'll be damned"

Author — GeenaBaby


"Damn it, " has more then meaning here.

Author — DustIN Cat'zzz


"Keep holding until the end of the bonus for disaster" catastrophe .... bonus? Well this is an oxymoron

Author — Fish Cutting


Stay around for a "bonus disaster"... LMAO.

Author — Cabbage Man


"Hey, Bill.. that large water structure you designed is failing."

Bill: Dam.

Author — Spent on Food


*Dam breaks
Engineers: “Well I’ll be damned”

Author — Angelica Luna


Guy: "Water, an uncontrollable force we cannot even control."

The Dutch: Hold my Beer.

Author — Elliot Johnson


He’s really good at pronouncing stuff!

Author — Ever Nyman


Int resting facts: stick around to end as there is a bonus disaster
Everyone: skips to the end and watches th ending lol 😂

Author — Aisha Jilani


All the quick editing, I've lost track of how many times I'm watching the same clip.

Author — Jack Brittain


"It's cheaper to get new iron than to recycle" (old aircraft carriers and whatever). Yeah, sure it is.

Author — ностромов


"Water is an unstoppable force that we cannot fully control"

- Meanwhile in the netherlands: lets make more land.

Author — megamaximpie


Puts a wall in water and build towns in the dry spot. Not like they’re asking for trouble

Author — Christian Heil


"Check out these craziest dam disasters that were caught on camera."
I see what you did there.

Author — Sam B


0:17 the caption:
“Check out these craziest damn disasters caught on camera”

Author — Junshu Liu


We don’t hear about this stuff in Australia. Our media just tells us “Trump bad”.

Author — Stephen McDermott


I lived in Oroville during that dam failure. It’s worse than you know. The “emergency” spillway was a joke. A piece of concrete stuck in dirt. No splash pad. There was real risk that it would collapse and a 40’ wall of water would come down. With all the sediment from the hole in the main spill way it started to clog the powerhouse and cause erosion in the main part of the dam. No one that lives or has lived there believes the dam is safe. Oh and in their infinite wisdom the dept of water and all the state emergency people put their response headquarters.... below the dam. That sheriff deserves a freakin medal. He was the only one that said to evacuate, then the campfire happened (we lost our home in that) and now the bear fire. He also needs a vacation.

Author — J Doe